Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation

Kroll is an industry leader in fixed asset inventory, tagging, and reconciliation services.
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Historically, executives have viewed fixed assets as having appropriate internal controls and low risk from a financial perspective. Now, in the post-SOX era and with broader IFRS adoption, fixed assets are often the biggest line item on the balance sheet and are under greater scrutiny. Inferior records - containing ghost assets, grouped assets, vague descriptions, and other data gaps - expose a business to risk in financial, tax, and regulatory compliance. 

Kroll vast experience and best-practices approach ensure that our clients receive a cleansed and fortified fixed asset register, providing the data visibility required for effective fixed asset management. Additional benefits to our clients include improved financial reporting, accurate property tax values, streamlined insurable values, meaningful capital budgeting, and support for mergers and acquisitions.

Our dedicated professionals serve organizations in virtually every industry from offices throughout the world. Each year, we provide fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services to hundreds of clients including manufacturers, telecommunications leaders, healthcare systems, universities, and governments.

Insurance Valuation Services

Kroll provides commercial and personal property insurance valuation services (for fixed assets like buildings, plant and machinery) to clients worldwide.

Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Kroll offers experience, reliability and transparency in the valuation of machinery and equipment for virtually every industry.