Senior Managers and Certification Regime Toolkit

Our Toolkit helps firms implement the regulatory requirements of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) and meet its objectives.

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Alongside our range of SM&CR advisory services and solutions, Kroll has developed our comprehensive and cost-effective toolkit to enable your firm to:

  • Manage your project planning for SM&CR implementation
  • Undertake a mapping exercise from the current Approved Persons Regime to SM&CR 
  • Prepare statements of responsibilities
  • Implement new procedures for SM&CR, including new joiner and leaver procedures for senior managers and certified individuals
  • Conduct fit and proper assessments 
  • Implement the certification process 
  • Provide guidance on relevant areas, such as the duty of responsibility for senior managers


Building and Embedding a Robust SM&CR Framework

Our toolkit covers all the requirements of SM&CR as well as practical guidance on how to apply SM&CR to your business.

  1. Design and Planning
    • Implementation guide
    • Implementation project plan enables firms to track implementation tasks and progress made and provides an audit trail of work done.
    • SM&CR mapping tool
  3. Implementation and Transition
    • Comprehensive SM&CR handbook providing guidance on all key aspects of the regime
    • Templates for implementation, including:
    • Responsibilities map
    • Statements of responsibilities
    • Initial fitness and propriety questionnaire and assessment
    • Record of senior manager reasonable steps
  4. Ongoing Compliance and Maintenance
    • SM&CR handbook
    • Templates for compliance and HR processes, including:
    • Annual fitness and propriety questionnaire
    • Annual fitness and propriety assessment
    • Checklist for joiners and leavers senior managers, non-SMF directors and certified staff
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Mark Turner
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Ian Manson
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