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Kroll Partner Solutions

Cyber Risk

Kroll Partner Solutions

Personal data is everywhere – and it’s constantly under attack. Cyber events are becoming more sophisticated, exposing more data and leaving your customers more vulnerable than ever – and at a loss as to what they can do.

Kroll’s Partner Solutions provide your customers with digital life protection and enhanced security by proactively protecting their personal identifiable data. Our patented platform, in tandem with our in-house team of licensed investigators, arms your customers with the industry’s strongest defense against ID theft and fraud. In the event of an issue, Kroll is dedicated to complete identity restoration.

Customize Kroll’s Digital Life Protection to Suit Your Customers’ Security Needs

Kroll’s suite of identity protection services can be easily customized to fit into your existing security strategy or replace services that aren’t providing the level of protection you expected. Choose from:

  • White Label or Embedded: Incorporate data monitoring and support into your suite of services. Whether it’s your brand or ours, customers can rely on our experience, patented systems and expertise.
  • Customizable Partner Solutions: Each client segment is different. Kroll lets you select the most relevant digital life protection features so you only offer what your customers need. Use your customer support team to handle routine account service requests, or let Kroll manage all client operations. Either way, your customers are covered.

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Combining Automation With Human Intelligence

Kroll’s proprietary data monitoring platform is a global, scalable and automated system that scours the web 24/7 to hunt for exposed data. Everything from social media, message boards and blogs to deep and dark web peer-to-peer networks and forums are monitored. If Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being shared, Kroll is there. Our analysts add the human touch and validation to our patented technology by determining when a threat needs to be addressed.

Kroll looks for 25+ unique personal data points to proactively search for unique personal data including government, insurance and online identifiers - a complete digital footprint. We scan the surface web and deep and dark web sources, downloading over 2 terabytes of content per day.

Digital Life Protection Alerts

New customers expect to be protected after enrollment but are often surprised when they receive their first alert soon after submitting their information. Kroll’s unique ability to back-search PII in our 15+ years of compromised data provides a much more robust analysis of the customer’s digital footprint. More than a search of email addresses and passwords in publicly known breaches, our data goes deeper, alerting customers to the type of PII that was compromised and how best to secure their digital lives.

When new suspicious activity is identified, customers receive a timely email alert with simple instructions on how to review the details in Kroll’s member portal. Kroll knows this can be a stressful experience which is why we use consumer-friendly language to recommend next steps based on the type of threat. Licensed private investigators are available to offer customized support.

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Kroll Partner Solutions

Kroll Partner Solutions

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Today's CEOs face unprecedented challenges and new growth opportunities. Click here for our guidance.

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