Digital Forensics Services

In the event of a security incident, Kroll’s digital forensics investigators can expertly help investigate and preserve data to help provide evidence and ensure business continuity.
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Handling more than 3,000 security incidents a year, Kroll’s digital forensics investigators are experts in understanding, analyzing and preserving data during an investigation.

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the branch of forensic science that deals with the collection, analysis and preservation of digital data or evidence. It involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to defensibly extract and analyze data from an array of computers, servers, smartphones, network devices, internet of things (IOT) and more.

Digital forensics is a critical component when uncovering information that can shape the outcome of often complex and highly sensitive investigations and legal cases. In the event your organization is impacted by a security incident such as a ransomware attack, business email compromise, sophisticated network intrusion or an insider threat associated with the theft of intellectual property, having experienced digital forensics and incident response experts on your side can mean the difference between business continuity and detrimental disruption.

Kroll’s global team of world-class digital forensic investigators is highly experienced, trained and educated in the secure preservation, collection, analysis and presentation of key evidence. Whether it is computer forensics, forensics for Android or iOS devices or cloud services, our digital forensic experts apply proven and defensible methodologies to maximize the range and quality of data retrieved.


Digital Forensics Services

Computer Forensics

The collection, preservation and analysis of electronic evidence can be crucial to the successful outcome of an investigation. Data collection and recovery, along with comprehensive forensic analysis on network computers, can help to provide vital insights. Kroll’s industry-leading forensic investigators have extensive career and educational backgrounds and experience working with a wide variety of device types, operating systems and network sizes from small-to-medium businesses (SMB) to enterprises and multinationals and can support your organization at every stage of the process, including:

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Cloud Forensics

While a similar approach to computer forensics, cloud forensics builds upon traditional forensic processes and techniques and implements them against cloud-based environments. By nature of design, the cloud presents unique challenges for investigators given the structural design, layering and presentation of both services and data.

While traditional forensics relies largely upon access to physical and best evidence data such as access in a traditional IT environment and connected storage devices, cloud forensics focuses on virtual servers, applications and log analysis as presented through the application layer of the provider’s solution or interface, often further restricted or defined by the security controls and procedures of the cloud provider.

Kroll digital forensic examiners are trained, experienced and certified in cloud forensic best practices and leverage specialized tools and techniques needed to support cloud forensic investigations.  


Mobile Device Forensics

Modern mobile devices hold huge amounts of application and user-created data, making them a frequently requested target of legal processes and requests, litigation teams and regulators. Mobile device forensics enables investigators like Kroll to securely collect and retrieve data, then preserve it in a forensically sound condition. Due to the fast-changing nature of mobile technology, specialist expertise is required to successfully undertake the seizure, acquisition, examination, analysis and reporting of mobile forensics data. Our team ensures that this is achieved in a secure and timely way, whether you need expert support in data identification and extraction (e.g., messages, chats, photos or images, notes, documents, etc.) or data extraction and presentation in response to a type of legal process (e.g., perseveration request, subpoena, court order, or regulatory request).

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Digital Forensics – Android

Insights drawn from Android devices can play a pivotal role in investigations and legal cases. However, because these types of devices are available from a diverse variety of international manufacturers and in numerous models and Android versioning, analyzing them involves a range of experience and diverse tooling for the processing of data. This means that an advanced skillset is required to undertake digital forensics investigations of Android devices. Kroll’s experts have the proven experience, backgrounds and skills to ensure that responsive digital evidence is properly captured, analyzed and presented. By harnessing proprietary, internally developed toolsets in addition to commercial products such as Cellebrite and Cellebrite Premium, Kroll’s results are focused and highly effective in approaching Android devices.

Digital Forensics – iOS

In the event of a security incident, data drawn from Apple devices can be indispensable. As they are highly complex to analyze, expert insight and proven methodologies are vital for preventing the potential loss or corruption of key data.

Kroll’s digital forensics approach is informed by our experts’ comprehensive knowledge of the Apple iOS ecosystem. You can rely on our investigators to efficiently locate and secure key data from Apple devices at any stage of an investigation or litigation process.


Comprehensive Digital Forensics Experts on Your Side

Access our digital forensics services for fast, responsive support at any stage of your court case or investigation. Our expertise includes: 

  • Malware Analysis
  • Bluetooth Connections
  • Cloud Data and Cloud Storage
  • Deep Dive into Databases
  • Anti-Forensics
  • Keyword Searches

Uncover Key Digital Clues with a Kroll Cyber Risk Retainer

Digital forensics is a key component in uncovering evidence during an incident response investigation. By packaging digital forensics services with Kroll’s Cyber Risk Retainer, you can benefit from prioritized access to elite investigators and the flexibility to allocate incident response resources, as well as other cybersecurity solutions offered by Kroll. 

Data Collection and Preservation

Improve investigations and reduce your potential for litigation and fines with the strict chain-of-custody protocol our experts follow at every stage of the data collection process.

Mobile Device Forensics

With a global mobile device forensics team and a proven track record in investigation and litigation support, Kroll enables key digital insights to be accessed quickly and securely.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Kroll's expertise establishes whether data was compromised and to what extent. We uncover actionable information, leaving you better prepared to manage a future incident.

Computer Forensics

Kroll's computer forensics experts ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked and assist at any stage of an investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of data sources.

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Kroll’s Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering team draws from decades of private and public-sector experience, across all industries, to deliver actionable findings through in-depth technical analysis of benign and malicious code.

Cyber Risk Retainer

Kroll delivers more than a typical incident response retainer—secure a true cyber risk retainer with elite digital forensics and incident response capabilities and maximum flexibility for proactive and notification services.