Cyber Litigation Support

Whether responding to an investigatory matter, forensic discovery demand, or information security incident, Kroll’s forensic engineers have extensive experience providing litigation support and global eDiscovery services to help clients win cases and mitigate losses.
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Litigation Support Services

Go beyond evidence to insight: our experienced investigators and technologists can identify, collect, preserve, search and present complex data to deliver case-changing insights in litigation, arbitration or disputes.

Kroll can provide industry leading support through all stages of the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Identification and Collection

Kroll has deep experience in collecting, preserving, and extracting all types of evidence:

  • Identify and locate potential evidence through investigation and/or interviews

  • Maintain chain of custody to confirm data integrity and authenticity

  • Use proprietary tools and workflows to ingest data from social media and/or collaboration platforms

Processing and Handling

Provide expertise and guidance on:

  • Ingesting complex and disparate datasets

  • Developing effective methods of filtering and culling datasets

  • Searching datasets to help identify relevant information

  • Leverage advanced machine learning and analytics to defensibly reduce review costs and produce results faster

  • Entire eDiscovery process

Analysis and Review

Kroll provides flexible and scalable managed review to assist in all forms of matters, including services for:

  • Complex litigation
  • Sensitive data review
  • Internal investigations
  • Document translation
  • Structured data review

Production and Presentation

Kroll can help review and guide effective eDiscovery plans including cost effective production specifications. In addition, Kroll can:

  • Deliver timely and comprehensive document productions

  • Provide review analysis and reports

  • Generate deliverables for data breach notification


Relevant Experience – Sensitive Data Review

Kroll has been retained on thousands of matters with a mandate of identifying sensitive data known to be exfiltrated by threat actors. Personally identifiable information and personal health information of employees and customers is commonly leaked during ransomware and business email compromise events. The leaked personally identifiable information is often protected under mandatory reporting requirements. Kroll uses the RelativityOne review platform to process, search, and perform analytics to defensibly reduce the data set to records potentially containing sensitive data. Automation is used where possible to extract the detected information, and review attorneys are retained to manually review and extract information where analytics or other automation is not effective. Through this process, all sensitive data is consolidated into a deliverable with an entry for each affected individual or business. These deliverables are designed to be easily leveraged by Kroll’s Identity Theft Breach Notification team. 

Relevant Experience – Litigation and eDiscovery

Litigation Kroll’s team of experts work with clients to develop a litigation strategy, collect evidence for analysis and eDiscovery process, write reports, sit for depositions, assist counsel with examining opposing experts, and testify before courts and arbitration panels. Kroll has assisted numerous clients in obtaining favorable outcomes in “bet the company” litigation matters.


Why Work With Us 

In addition to being a Relativity® Certified Partner, our team carries best in class certifications: 

  • Relativity Certified Administrator 
  • Relativity One Certified Pro 
  • Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner
  • Cellebrite Certified Operator
  • Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst
  • CFE and GASF


Global RelativityOne Services Partner

Global Reach

Kroll is a global team of experts with offices across North and South America, Europe and AsiaData Localization. 


Kroll has offices and RelativityOne instances in the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Dubai, to keep data where it needs to be. 

Extensive Resources

Our combination of technical skills, data analytics, digital forensics platforms and subject matter expertise allows us to identify, analyze and interpret voluminous data. 

Experts to Consult and Testify

We can provide both testifying and consulting expertise with appropriate separation between the functions. 

Talk to a Kroll Expert

Kroll is ready to help, 24x7. Use the links on this page to explore our services further or speak to a Kroll expert today via our 24x7 cyber hotlines or our contact page.

RelativityOne Litigation Support Services

Kroll’s Litigation Support team has seasoned digital forensics investigators and Relativity-certified administrators to help your team defensibly preserve evidence and gain valuable insights faster, anywhere in the world.

Identity Theft and Breach Notification

Services include drafting communications, full-service mailing, alternate notifications.

Cloud Security Services

Kroll’s multi-layered approach to cloud security consulting services merges our industry-leading team of AWS and Azure-certified architects, cloud security experts and unrivalled incident expertise.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Kroll’s field-proven incident response tabletop exercise scenarios are customized to test all aspects of your response plan and mature your program.

Kroll Responder

Stop cyberattacks. Kroll Responder managed detection and response is fueled by seasoned IR experts and frontline threat intelligence to deliver unrivaled response.

Data Collection and Preservation

Improve investigations and reduce your potential for litigation and fines with the strict chain-of-custody protocol our experts follow at every stage of the data collection process.

Mobile Device Forensics

With a global mobile device forensics team and a proven track record in investigation and litigation support, Kroll enables key digital insights to be accessed quickly and securely.