Improve Research Speed and Quality with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Built by investigators, for investigators, Research Clarity is powered by Microsoft and uses AI to automate the due diligence process to intelligently surface and classify risk-relevant information on target subjects. The cloud-based platform offers in-house research teams improved efficiencies that are not possible with manual or fragmented processes.

Why Research Clarity

  • Reduce financial, operational and brand risk
  • Increase research speed and cost effectiveness
  • Accelerate business transactions and revenue acquisition
  • Improve research quality by uncovering more risk-relevant information
  • Centralized, role-based tool for organizing teams of researchers


Accelerated Research. Unrivaled Quality.

With initial seed data, Research Clarity uses AI to continually inform new searches with past results while assessing information accuracy and relevancy. 

Human Investigation Process - Research Clarity

Going Beyond the Surface

Research Clarity does not limit itself to what can be found through Google and other search engines: it delves into local and premium databases, unreachable through regular internet searches, to uncover regulatory, litigation, and other noteworthy data otherwise not readily discoverable.

Relevant and Interactive Results

Our proprietary technology surfaces red flags and removes duplicates. The results are then organized by category and risk-relevance.

Research Clarity - Relevant and Interactive Results

Beginning-to-End Workflow

Research Clarity sits on Kroll’s Case Management System, providing a master view of all due diligence cases, subjects, actions and results. This means research activity is automatically documented, seamlessly organized and easily searchable.

Research Clarity | AI Powered, Human Driven Due Diligence Tool | Kroll

The Data We Use

Research Clarity is AI-powered technology leveraging a unique combination of public and private datasets.

What Type of Due Diligence Can Research Clarity Perform?

Research Clarity performs a broad range of enhanced due diligence needs including KYC, beneficial owner, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, and mergers and acquisitions research.

Research Clarity does not aim to replace the human analyst. Instead, it enables your team to spend less time sifting through data and more time assessing business risks.

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