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Across industries around the world, clients seeking truth know that they can trust our professionals to be thorough, unflinching, and objective.

Our firm has worked extensively with universities and test administrators on cheating and admissions issues, and our professionals have led many of the largest, highest-profile investigations in these and other areas, including policy violations, ethics failures, sexual misconduct, and other potential wrongdoing. 

We are frequently retained by Boards of Trustees, General Counsel, and Internal Audit to provide both confidential and public-facing independent reviews and reports.  We work regularly with higher-education institutions to provide an objective understanding of the facts, to identify variances from best practices, and to make recommendations about paths to improvement.  We understand how to do our work while accommodating and navigating the special needs and governance issues associated with colleges and universities.

Our professionals have been engaged by more than 170 universities or their counsel in a wide range of matters.  In addition to the services described below, which are most relevant to admissions and recruitment issues, we also serve institutions of higher learning in areas including cyber services, IT audits, physical security, endowment due diligence and valuation services, IP licensing/patent litigation, and accounting/financial reporting.

Our forensic accountants and data specialists often work hand in hand with our other investigators, combining the results of traditional investigative methods (interviews, document reviews, and deep research) with control system stress-testing and vulnerability review.

In addition to providing independent investigations and retrospective reviews, we offer guidance on proactive or remedial measures that include enhancement of existing policies and procedures as well as staff training and audits.

How We Can Help

Risk Assessments

  • We conduct independent reviews of policies and procedures governing recruitment and the interactions among internal recommenders, candidates, and admissions officers.
  • We identify gaps in information flows, recordkeeping, verification, lines of authority, communications channels and other procedures that create a risk of circumvention of the admissions process and control systems.  We recommend improved policies and procedures to address any gaps or vulnerabilities.
  • Our firm has significant experience in conducting reputational due diligence, and in designing procedures and training for employees in the areas of legal/regulatory compliance, conflicts of interest, bribery and other unethical conduct.  We will assist you in ensuring that all personnel associated with the admissions process are aware of their responsibilities and obligations in these areas.
  • Having conducted dozens of investigations of systemic and individual cheating allegations on admissions exams, we are also experts in identifying control weaknesses, anomalous results, and areas of vulnerability in the processing and review of applications and test results.

Policies and Procedures

  • Leveraging the insights gained from our work on admissions controversies, embezzlement, cheating, discrimination, and sexual misconduct, our experts identify gaps and vulnerabilities in existing policies and procedures.  We will recommend improvements in accordance with best practices and provide employee training.
  • We will evaluate and test existing procedures, or recommend procedures if none exist, that permit individuals to report suspicions or concerns relating to the admissions process. We can assist your institution in developing protocols for addressing any such reports.


  • We are an evidence-driven organization, and because we have helped so many clients navigate so many kinds of fraud, we will see things that others will miss.  We train our clients to detect problems themselves in the future.
  • We also have extensive experience in designing and delivering training relating to ethics and compliance programs. We can assist you in developing updated and effective training materials for admissions officers, coaches and other stakeholders relating to the admissions and recruitment processes.

Independent Investigations

  • For institutions that may have a concern about potential exposure to deceptive practices, our professionals conduct interviews and on-site investigations, review potential evidence (electronic or paper), determine the authenticity of information, and if appropriate, perform data analytics to identify anomalies in admissions profiles or data.
  • In the event of litigation, or regulatory or criminal proceedings, we have teams of highly qualified experts to provide reports and testimony on a wide range of issues including internal controls, data network architecture and integrity, and forensic accounting/fraud.

For immediate assistance, email us at [email protected] or call one of our practitioners above.

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