Investigating and Protecting against C-Suite Level Fraud

Discover how Kroll’s Forensic Investigations, Cyber Risk, and Security Risk Management teams came together to help a client identify, investigate, and protect against C-suite level fraud and credit card abuse.

The Challenge

Investigating and Protecting against C-Suite Level Fraud

An organization hired Kroll when a whistleblower reported a senior executive of the firm for misusing the company-issued credit card for personal expenses, including family vacations and home renovations. Kroll engaged its team with fraud and investigative experience to conduct a thorough investigation and guide the client through this challenging period.


Kroll's Solution

Kroll leveraged its firm-wide capabilities, as experts from its multiple services joined the investigation. Following an in-depth examination, Kroll uncovered evidence suggesting that at least three or more senior staff members were complicit in this fraud, having received excessive compensation at the company’s expenses while also misusing valuable company time, resources, and confidential data to establish a competing business. This discovery underlined the extent and severity of the breach on the company.

It was apparent that the situation was more complex than initially anticipated, with several aspects requiring careful diligence. Kroll’s Cyber Risk team examined the client's data to determine the extent of the compromised information and to ensure they implemented necessary remedial actions. This comprehensive approach helped minimize the potential damage resulting from the breach.

Kroll’s security risk management experts teamed up with the organization to proactively identify and assess potential risks associated with the contentious termination of employees involved in the fraudulent activities. By implementing a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy, the client’s interests were well-protected throughout this process.

The Impact

Investigating and Protecting against C-Suite Level Fraud

As a result, our client showed their commitment to maintaining high ethical standards, which helped keep their reputation and competitive position in the market. This also mitigated potential financial risks, rooted out toxic leadership and prevented the drain of valuable time and resources.

This is a great example of how Kroll can maximize value and deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients.

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