Norman Harrison
Norman Harrison

Norman Harrison

Managing Director, Testifying Expert

Norman Harrison is a managing director in the Expert Services practice at Kroll based in Washington, D.C. Norman has significant experience advising companies on internal investigations, regulatory compliance and fiduciary duty issues, investment advisor compliance, and transactional support (including due diligence and post-acquisition disputes). He has also led multi-disciplinary teams in DOJ and SEC independent monitoring appointments.

Norman has conducted numerous internal investigations in matters arising from federal investigations, shareholder allegations, media exposés and other circumstances. He also has extensive experience relating to compliance monitoring. Norman has advised boards of directors and developed expert testimony on fiduciary duty and corporate governance issues arising in shareholder derivative suits and other civil litigation. He also has substantial experience, both as an outside adviser and an internal compliance officer, in risk management, operations, fiduciary duty and compliance issues, and dispute resolution involving investment funds.

Before joining Kroll, Norman was a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting. Prior to FTI, Norman was a co-founder and served as Chief Compliance Officer of an SEC-registered investment adviser and its FSA-registered European affiliate which managed over $1.5 billion in assets. Earlier in his career, Norman was a Senior Managing Director of Richard C. Breeden & Co., an advisory services firm specializing in corporate monitoring, internal investigations, litigation and regulatory consulting, and restructurings and workouts. He was also previously an investment banker with Stephens Inc. and Alex. Brown & Sons, and a corporate attorney with Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton and Garrison LLP.

Norman is an honors graduate of Georgetown University (B.S.B.A. Finance) and the Georgetown University Law Center. He is an attorney admitted to practice in the District of Columbia, and serves on the Investor Advisory Group of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

Representative Engagements
  • Supporting counsel in a multinational investigation of a potential bribery and embezzlement scheme involving a Fortune 500 company
  • Leading a multidisciplinary professional team in supporting an Independent Compliance Monitor under the terms of a DOJ Deferred Prosecution Agreement and SEC Consent Order relating to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Leading a complex, multinational post-acquisition investigation, arbitration, and defense of U.S. shareholder litigation arising out of allegations of accounting fraud and other misrepresentations by the target company
  • Serving as testifying expert in shareholder derivative litigation involving allegations that a hedge fund manager and its affiliates should be subject to the short-swing profit rules under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act
  • Supporting counsel to major money center banks in investigations and defense of litigation relating to offerings of residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Serving as testifying expert in litigation between a public company and its independent auditor alleging damages arising out of independence violations
  • Conducting profit disgorgement analysis and providing other dispute advisory services to a large financial institution in connection with DOJ and SEC investigations of possible FCPA violations
  • Conducted an independent review of FCPA, AML and sanctions compliance programs for a leading processor of high-risk online payment transactions
  • Led a multi-disciplinary team in an independent compliance consulting engagement for a global engineering, procurement and construction company under a DOJ deferred prosecution agreement under the FCPA
  • Served as testifying expert in litigation between a hedge fund manager and a large institutional investor involving the manager’s alleged abuse of side pocket allocations
  • Conducted investment manager and subadvisor risk assessments and other due diligence services for a major state employee pension fund
  • Led a multi-disciplinary team in an independent compliance consulting engagement for a global pharmaceutical company under the terms of a settlement of an SEC enforcement action alleging FCPA violations in multiple countries
  • Investigated an alleged misappropriation of funds by an investment fund manager
  • Conducted a comprehensive risk assessment and compliance review for an investment adviser in an SEC investigation of alleged sub-advisor fraud
  • Advised a major European bank on global risk management assessment tools and remediation strategies for FCPA, AML and sanctions risks
  • Counseled numerous companies on the design, implementation and testing of ethics and compliance programs
  • Led multi-disciplinary teams in SEC and DOJ independent monitor appointments relating to WorldCom/MCI and KPMG LLP
  • Advised the administrator of SEC and DOJ investor settlement funds relating to WorldCom, Enron, Royal Dutch Shell, and Adelphia Communications
  • Served as a testifying expert on the fiduciary duties of a public company general counsel in an arbitration involving golden parachute provisions of employment agreements
  • Served as testifying expert in disputes arising out of the failed launches of private equity and hedge funds.
  • Served as testifying expert in litigation between a private equity sponsor and the unsecured creditors committee of a portfolio company alleging breaches of fiduciary duties in connection with the approval of a plan of reorganization
  • Advised the board of a global pharmaceutical company in shareholder derivative litigation alleging breaches of fiduciary duties arising out of regulatory enforcement actions relating to allegations of off-label promotion
  • Advised senior management of a large government-sponsored enterprise on a variety of corporate governance, internal control and SEC compliance issues
  • Provided expert consulting services to a major U.S. foodservice company in litigation with a former CEO involving fiduciary duty and fraud issues
  • Inducted an internal investigation for a large European conglomerate relating to allegations of abusive sales practices by personnel of its rent-to-own subsidiary
  • Conducted an internal investigation for a large U.S. insurance company in the wake of a 60 Minutes segment alleging fraudulent and deceptive practices by claims investigators
  • Led a team of professionals in conducting an independent review of the implementation of anti-youth smoking initiatives by a major tobacco company
  • Investigated allegations of breaches of contract and fiduciary duties by the administrator of an offshore hedge fund in the aftermath of a large capital markets fraud

  • B.S.B.A. Finance (with highest honors), Georgetown University
  • J.D. (with high honors), Georgetown University Law Center

  • J.D.

  • Member of Investor Advisory Group, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  • Taught corporation law as adjunct professor at the American College of Law at American University

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