Tue, Feb 28, 2017

Global Regulatory Outlook: Post-Brexit Models under AIFMD

Explore Killian Buckley’s and Alan Picone’s article on "Post Brexit models under AIFMD" in the Global Regulatory Outlook 2017.
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The fifth annual release of the Global Regulatory Outlook (GRO) comes at a very interesting time for managers impacted by AIFMD. Post-Brexit, it is unclear as to what the impact of AIFMD will be for managers regulated by the FCA.

AIFMD has a profound impact on funds' risk management.  It seems likely, therefore, that some will look to third-party management companies. Now, with Brexit looming, AIFMD will change everything for alternative asset managers based, or with offices in, Britain.

"Outsourcing to meet the AIFMD requirements will enable them to enjoy continued access to deploy staff abroad in what is likely to be an uncertain post-Brexit period."

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