Tue, Feb 28, 2017

Global Regulatory Outlook 2017

Our fifth annual Global Regulatory Outlook (GRO) report aims to assist the global financial services industry with navigating the key regulatory and financial services developments in 2017.
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Explore findings from our survey with over 180 financial services professionals from across the world. The research gauged the industry’s perceptions on regulatory developments and issues impacting businesses through 2017 and beyond.

This year's report includes a summary of our global survey results, as well as contributed articles from former SEC Director, Norm Champ and 10 Duff & Phelps experts. The publication centers on three key themes:

  • Uncertainty in the regulatory landscape
  • Cybersecurity
  • Increased cost of compliance

Perspectives and practical guidance on regulatory themes for 2017 are also provided in this report from industry and Duff & Phelps experts.


Insight is a supplemental publication, separated by jurisdiction, which outlines key regulations, requirements and deadlines by jurisdiction, applicable primarily to financial industry.

For the world's biggest financial centers, the regulatory outlook in 2017 is at its most uncertain in a decade. Much of the regulatory calendar today is still dominated by changes with their tools in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

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