Thu, May 18, 2023

KAPE Quarterly Update - Q1 2023

KAPE had several updates during Q1 2023. Here is a recap of all the important enhancements and news from January through March 2023:

Key Q1 2023 KAPE Updates

  • Hayabusa Modules updated
  • Multiple new LiveResponse Modules leveraging PowerShell
  • New MFTECmd Module - $I30
  • Q1 2023 KapeFiles Changes


Hayabusa Modules Updated

Hayabusa is a free threat hunting tool developed by Yamato Security and is consistently updated with fixes and new features. As a result, the Hayabusa KAPE Modules have been revised, as new features have been added/modified. If you’re doing event log analysis in your everyday KAPE workflow, try out the new Hayabusa Modules, which can be found here.

KAPE users need to supply the Hayabusa binary into the .\KAPE\Modules\bin subfolder. As indicated in Line 10 of the Hayabusa_EventStatistics Module, KAPE  looks for a binary named hayabusa.exe within a folder named Hayabusa. Therefore, the proper setup would look something similar to this before being able to successfully run the Modules:



Multiple new LiveResponse Modules leveraging PowerShell

Vito Alfano recently contributed to multiple new PowerShell Modules that can be used in a live response scenario. The new PowerShell Modules can be located in the Modules\Windows subfolder. 

New MFTECmd Module - $I30

MFTECmd has had the ability to parse $I30 files since March 2022, according to the Zimmerman Tools changelog. However, only until recently was the ability to automate this functionality added to KAPE, due to Phill Moore. Check out the Module here.

Q1 2023 KapeFiles Changes

Here is an overview of the changes to the KapeFiles GitHub repository from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023.

KAPE-Related GitHub Repositories

Our experts recommend “watching” the following GitHub repositories for KAPE-related updates:

KAPE Update Q1 2023


Keep KAPE Updated

Looking for the EZ button to keep KAPE, EZ Tools and the ancillary files associated with your instance(s) of KAPE? Check out the PowerShell script created by Kroll’s Andrew Rathbun here to ensure your copy of KAPE is being updated.

KAPE Resources

There are a number of KAPE resources for additional KAPE support, including the KAPE manual, training and certification opportunities, or you can contact our experts directly at [email protected]. An enterprise license is required when KAPE is used on a third-party network and/or as part of a paid engagement. 

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