Thu, Aug 4, 2022

Crypto Threat Management: How Kroll Managed Security Risks in an NFT Marketplace

Kroll’s Security Risk Management (SRM) team was retained through outside counsel to support the founders of a new, unique and highly popular non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace after a news outlet made the previously anonymous founders’ identity public. When their identities were brought into the public forum, they were concerned for their safety, security, and protection of wealth and reputation.

This client had taken the NFT market by storm and was highly disruptive in that space, creating a fascination regarding who the founders truly were. This was a multi-jurisdictional matter where three separate private residences in different geographies were assessed and protected by Kroll, and a considerable threat actor was investigated and assessed in a fourth jurisdiction. Kroll’s security personnel put out the imminent fires, safeguarded the executives and their families immediately and helped the client devise a plan for a more sustainable security apparatus for the future.

Kroll, while coordinating with local law enforcement, conducted high-level threat assessments, residential security assessments at their private homes and provided dedicated monitoring of a known threat actor believed to be intent on causing harm.

Kroll’s breadth of services, application of a litany of specialties and ability to fluently operate in a multi-jurisdictional manner set us apart from our competition.

Project Outcomes

As a result of Kroll’s work:

  • Kroll safeguarded our client’s senior executives and their families amidst a new and rapidly evolving threat environment, all while helping them devise a sustainable plan for threat management, executive protection and corporate security.
  • The team created high actionable plans for escalation if they were to be directly presented with a threat and provided protection personnel 24/7 at the clients’ residences. 
  • The SRM team also worked in parallel with Kroll Cyber Risk to understand the entire threat picture and identify those online who could be nefariously planning against the client

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