Sun, Jan 1, 2012

Complying With Global Anti-Corruption Legislation in 2012

Global anti-corruption legislation such as The UK Bribery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act are very clear when it comes to corporate responsibility for bribery and corruption. Under these laws, companies can be prosecuted for failing to implement the necessary policies and procedures to prevent bribery.

As such it is essential for Asian organizations that fall under their remit to develop a robust anti-corruption framework that actively aims to prevent corruption and mitigates the risk of violations.

Complying With Global Anti-Corruption Legislation: Protecting your Organization outlines the four key steps you should follow in order to properly protect your organization against bribery and corruption and mitigate the risk you face.

Download this important complimentary perspective today to gain invaluable insights into the critical steps you should take when faced with a potential violation.

Protecting Your Company

Timely, relevant and compelling, Kroll’s Complying with Global Anti-Corruption Legislation: Perception Versus Reality campaign aims to help organizations better understand their liabilities under this legislation, and minimize the risk of violations.

Featuring four key perspectives, the campaign explores the impact of global anti-corruption legislation in Asia. Entitled Perception Versus Reality, the first perspective outlines the risks Asian companies face under global anti-corruption legislation and the real cost of a violation.

Meanwhile, the second perspective, entitled Understanding Potential Liabilities, examines the reach of global anti-corruption legislation in Asia and provides valuable insights into the potential liabilities Asian companies face.

Dealing with a Violation, the third perspective, focuses on the importance of developing a clearly defined formal response plan that enables companies to quickly and effectively assess the allegations made and determine whether it’s time to enlist expert help.

Compliance Risk and Diligence

The Kroll Investigations, Diligence and Compliance team partners with clients to anticipate, detect and manage regulatory and reputational risks associated with global ethics and compliance obligations.