Wed, Oct 12, 2022

Case Study: Threat Intelligence Services for Civil Litigation Against Hate Groups

Kroll was contacted by one of the largest global law firms to assist with a highly controversial and widely publicized civil trial. Our client was engaged in civil litigation against some of the most notorious and visceral hate groups in America, including elements of the far-right neo-Nazi, white supremacist and legacy Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Our client was concerned about their threat profile and the physical safety/security of their people, families, homes and office locations.

Project Outcomes

Based on our deep understanding of the adversaries, threat vectors and overall threat environment, Kroll was able to guide our client through a series of overlapping and complimentary offerings to bolster their safety and security at home, in the office(s), while in transit, throughout the controversial trial and in the months following the trial. 

Kroll provided the necessary people, processes and expertise to:

  • Smartly capture all-source threat intelligence
  • Analyze the evolving threat environment based on the totality of real-time events
  • Collaborate with federal, state and local police, emergency and intelligence fusion centers
  • Bolster security at office and home locations for key litigators
  • Support the litigation team with real-time threat intelligence and security consulting throughout the entirety of court proceedings and beyond

Kroll’s assistance helped the trial team focus efforts on their landmark case, knowing they had a partner that truly understood their threat environment and was minding the safety and security of all involved.

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