Alternatives Risk Assessment Platform - Asset Managers

Optimize portfolio management and maximize access to ​a​sset ​a​llocator capital​:​ An end-to-end solution for capturing, analyzing, and creating value from portfolio data.
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As an increasing number of global Limited Partners (LPs) prioritize non-financial performance factors, asset managers must now provide an expanded view of fund performance to attract investment.

The Alternatives Risk Assessment Platform offers a cohesive and comprehensive view of fund performance across financial, operational, environmental, social and reputational dimensions to help asset managers manage portfolios holistically to reduce risk and maximize access to capital.

Here's How it Works

Alternatives Risk Assessment Platform - Asset Managers

Streamline Data Collection
Stop wrangling spreadsheets and chasing portfolio companies for information. Our intuitive web portal and automated reminders make data collection effortless.

Scalable ESG Due Diligence
Effortlessly collect and assess environmental, social and governance (ESG) data against established benchmarks. Leverage your data to drive improvement, mitigate ESG risk and attract investment from ESG-conscious funds. Developed by the Kroll experts behind the AIM and ILPA frameworks, you can rest assured that your assessment of ESG performance is rooted in best practices.

Manage ODD Requests Effortlessly
Complete our all-inclusive operational due diligence (ODD) questionnaire once, and make the most of your responses for future ODD requests. Our centralized platform enables effortless retrieval of ODD information, making it simple to share responses with your investors in their preferred format.

Benchmark Operations to Best Practices
Stop guessing how asset allocators view your performance on ODD, and be confident in your operations when seeking capital. Answer our industry-leading ODD questionnaire and see how your operations score against the best practices investors expect.

Monitor for Critical Reputational Risks
Get real-time insights into your portfolio companies' reputation with automated online monitoring and condensed actionable reporting.

Optimize Reporting
Get a dashboard view of all company or portfolio-level data. Easily generate reports for investors, auditors, or regulators.

Here's What It Delivers

Expanded Access to Asset Allocator Capital

Our platform provides a cohesive and comprehensive view of fund performance across financial, operational, environmental, social and reputational dimensions to help you holistically manage your portfolio and attract investment.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Our platform streamlines data collection, benchmarking and reporting processes to alleviate the administrative burden associated with due diligence.

Lowered Risk of Non-Compliance

Effortlessly retrieve the necessary ESG data to validate claims and promptly respond to information requests, mitigating non-compliance risk.

Protection Against Reputational Risks

Get the early warning you need to properly manage reputational risks or avoidable ESG gaps that could impact your portfolio companies’ value and your returns.

Value Proposition

Optimized ESG Questionnaires
Optimized Questionnaires
Optimized ESG Questionnaires
Streamlined Data Gathering
Optimized ESG Questionnaires
Expert-Led Automated Response Scoring
Optimized ESG Questionnaires
On Demand Reporting
Continuous Reputational Risk Monitoring
Continuous Reputational Risk Monitoring

Why Kroll

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Purpose-Built Portfolio Management Software
Kroll’s Alternatives risk Assessment Platform is the direct result of development by Kroll’s team of ESG, ODD, and reputational risk experts. Because of this, our platform can automatically assess responses from portfolio companies against established best practices and highlight areas of concern.

Market Leading Advisory
After obtaining your risk scores, capitalize on the expertise of Kroll's market-leading team to help mitigate risk, optimize your portfolio strategy and elevate your overall investment profile. With the team’s guidance, you can confidently navigate the changing landscape and maximize your capital allocation.

Digital Technology Solutions

Enriching our professional services, our integrated software platform helps clients discover, quantify and manage risk in the corporate and private capital market ecosystem.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Advisory and technology solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting and investigations, value creation, and monitoring.