Alternatives Risk Assessment Platform - Asset Allocators

Streamline due diligence and leverage an expanded view of an asset manager’s performance to optimize capital investment.
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The Alternatives Risk Assessment Platform provides a unified and in-depth perspective on fund performance, covering financial, operational, environmental, social and reputational dimensions. It empowers asset allocators to manage investments holistically, mitigate risks and optimize capital returns.

Here's How it Works

ESG Due Diligence Software

Optimize Operational Due Diligence
Say goodbye to spreadsheet headaches and the struggle of chasing asset managers for data. Our intuitive web portal, equipped with automated reminders, streamlines data collection. Once the data is collected, our platform equips asset allocators to evaluate their managers’ operations against industry standards. You can utilize our pre-loaded questionnaires or customize your own, guaranteeing enhanced transparency into your asset managers’ operations.

Scale ESG Due Diligence
Seamlessly collect and evaluate ESG data against established benchmarks. Harness your data to foster enhancements, mitigate ESG risks and optimize your investment returns.

Critical Reputational Risk Insights
Gain real-time insights into reputational risks tied to your investments through automated online monitoring, delivering concise and actionable reports.

Streamline Reporting
Effortlessly produce detailed reports customized for diverse stakeholders, such as investors, auditors and regulators, with a simple click of a button.

Here's What It Delivers

Optimize Portfolio Management and Reduce Risk

Our platform offers a holistic perspective on fund performance, covering financial, operational, environmental, social and reputational aspects. It helps you effectively manage your portfolio and reduce investment risks.

Protect Your Reputation and Returns

Gain early warnings to effectively oversee reputational risk and prevent avoidable ESG deficiencies that might affect the value and returns of your asset funds

Eliminate Redundant Administrative Burden

Our solution simplifies data collection, benchmarking and reporting, relieving the administrative workload linked to due diligence.

Mitigate Non-Compliance Risk

Simply access essential due diligence data to verify claims and promptly address information requests, mitigating the risk of non-compliance

Value Proposition

Optimized ESG Questionnaires
Optimized Questionnaires
Optimized ESG Questionnaires
Streamlined Data Gathering
Optimized ESG Questionnaires
Expert-Led Automated Response Scoring
Optimized ESG Questionnaires
On Demand Reporting
Continuous Reputational Risk Monitoring
Continuous Reputational Risk Monitoring

Why Kroll

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Purpose-Built Portfolio Management Software
Kroll’s Alternatives Risk Assessment Platform is the direct result of development by Kroll’s team of ESG, ODD and reputational risk experts. Because of this, our platform can automatically assess responses from asset managers against established best practices and highlight areas of concern.

Market-Leading Advisory
After obtaining your risk scores, capitalize on the expertise of Kroll's market-leading team to help mitigate risk, optimize your portfolio strategy and elevate your overall investment profile. With Kroll’s guidance, you can navigate the changing landscape with confidence and maximize your capital allocation.

Digital Technology Solutions

Enriching our professional services, our integrated software platform helps clients discover, quantify and manage risk in the corporate and private capital market ecosystem.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Advisory and technology solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting and investigations, value creation, and monitoring.