Thu, Jul 14, 2022

Robert DeWitte Joins Kroll as Senior Director and Head of Business Development for Settlement Administration Practice

DeWitte brings experience in the administration of domestic and international complex class actions to Kroll’s Settlement Administration practice

Chicago – Kroll, the leading provider of data, technology and insights related to risk, governance and growth, announced today that Robert (Rob) DeWitte, a class action specialist with over a decade of experience in the administration of domestic and international class action matters, joins as a senior director and head of business development in the Settlement Administration practice. DeWitte’s addition will bolster Kroll’s capabilities in complex settlement administration for class actions, mass torts, regulatory and government matters.

Randall Burkholder, Managing Director and Head of Kroll’s Settlement Administration practice said, “We’re building with the best in the business. Rob is a respected professional in the settlement administration industry and has been a mainstay as a speaker at conferences and subject matter expert to the market at large. He brings invaluable insight into complex modern litigation resolution. Rob’s leadership and oversight on strategic initiatives and market responsiveness will be vital as we grow our practice.”

DeWitte brings to Kroll a legal background as a class action attorney with significant understanding of the pitfalls and complexities of litigation resolution. In addition to his work in the administration of complex class actions, DeWitte has experience with matters including class certification notice campaigns, mass settlements, consent agreements, government remediation plans and insurance rehabilitations. His expertise spans all stages of the process to develop time-sensitive notice, claims administration, funds management, and mass payment or reimbursement plans of wide ranging or narrow litigation. Additionally, DeWitte monitors administration trends and provides insight on pivoting and adapting midstream following unanticipated developments and emerging procedural local rules.

Kroll’s Settlement Administration practice brings over 50 years of legal administration expertise, offering unmatched solutions and capacity for even the most complex settlements anywhere in the world.

“After talking to and developing a familiarity with all the leading competitors in our industry, Kroll plainly stands out as having the ideal combination of expertise, managerial acumen, innovative inclination and commitment to excellence in client service,” said DeWitte, Senior Director of Kroll’s Settlement Administration practice. “We bring the best of our experience to every matter; we assign teams led by veteran personnel, calibrate our scalable services and demand of our teams the highest standards of responsiveness and dedication. When we are retained–and even prior to–our clients and their interests and concerns have our full attention.”

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