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Giving Back

Across our global locations, the impact of our Kroll Charitable Foundation reflects the generosity and spirit of the firm’s colleagues. We believe in giving back to those in need by giving generously of both time and resources to create working local partnerships.

The Kroll Charitable Foundation was established in 2018 to nurture innovative ideas, impact economic and social issues, and enable progress in underserved communities around the globe. With our employee-directed fund, Kroll colleagues work together to recommend grants and volunteerism to qualifying charitable organizations to assist them in achieving their ESG goals. Since its inception in 2018, the foundation has donated over USD 1.25 million to charities all over the world.

We focus on and give priority to non-profit organizations that:

  • Promote financial literacy and opportunity
  • Support diversity, especially in close alignment with Kroll internal diversity initiatives
  • Address critical needs or disaster response in employment centers for Kroll
  • Align with the values of Kroll clients and strategic partners

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COVID-19 Response

During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the Kroll Charitable Foundation joined the COVID ZERO Business Coalition, after becoming one of the first donors to pledge funds to support research and development into a COVID-19 vaccine. We consider this an important ESG investment and good corporate governance.

  • The Kroll Charitable Foundation granted its largest single donation of $250,000 to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) who make up the COVID ZERO vaccine development unit.
  • Launched in Davos 2017, CEPI is a global alliance between public, private, philanthropic and civil society organizations financing coordinating and accelerating the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.
  • Approximately USD 2.8 billion is the average minimum cost for progressing one vaccine, and the Kroll Charitable Foundation is proud to support the acceleration of a COVID-19 vaccine to be made available through a globally fair allocation system.

COVID-19 Response

In early 2020, the Kroll Charitable Foundation also donated $25,000 to the World Health Organization to support health and research activity related to the outbreak in the Asia Pacific region.

COVID-19 Response

In early 2020, the Kroll Charitable Foundation also donated $25,000 to the World Health Organization to support health and research activity related to the outbreak in the Asia Pacific region.

2019 Grants

2020 Grants

In the 2020 global grant cycle, Kroll colleagues voted on nearly 80 charity partners to make an impact in their local communities and granted donations of nearly $500,000. The causes focused on inclusion and diversity around the world, with more than $250,000 made in grants to COVID-19 research and support.

Varun Gupta, Kroll Foundation Board Member, Country Managing Director for India and Asia Pacific Leader for Valuation Advisory, added, “It is an incredible feeling to be able to link up across borders and make a difference to our environment and society, and to see the direct impact of our volunteering efforts on the recipients. The Kroll Charitable Foundation is an excellent platform that is enabling our colleagues to be part of a global effort to make a positive and lasting impact.”

In 2019, more than 900 colleagues gave over 2,100 hours of volunteering time to local community initiatives across the globe.

2018 Grants

2018 Grants

In our Foundation’s inaugural year, we proudly donated more than $500,000 to 80+ deserving organizations around the world, including 40 in the Americas, 35 in EMEA and 6 in APAC.  

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Through the work of our ESG program, volunteering and grant-making, the Kroll Charitable Foundation is aligned to the following United Nations SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals

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ESG and Corporate Responsibility

ESG and Corporate Responsibility

ESG | Environmental, Social and Governance matters to our company, our clients and our people.

Environmental Sustainability

Through our global workforce, vendor partnerships and property portfolio, we’re committed to a responsible and sustainable impact worldwide.


At the core of our corporate governance and operations is transparency, diligence and disclosure with our employees, clients and stakeholders.

Social Impact

We promote inclusivity and diversity at all levels of the organization and in underserved communities through the support of the Kroll Charitable Foundation. It’s our social responsibility.
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