Incident Response Management

For peace of mind after a data breach, rely on Kroll’s rapid response team of cyber experts for compliant notifications; reputation-saving remediation; and litigation support.

Even with the most robust controls in place, a data breach may still occur.

Kroll has helped countless organizations worldwide respond to data loss — and we can help you. We respond quickly when your confidential information is compromised, no matter the source of the data breach, whether it’s the result of a malicious hacker or a negligent employee. Leveraging a global network of certified security and forensic experts, we can be onsite within hours to help you contain the situation and determine next steps. Our advance incident response team will work with you to build a comprehensive, compliant and timely data breach response plan.

Incident analysis: Guiding you from business crisis to business continuity

At Kroll, we understand the critical importance of deploying the right response to mitigate potential operational, financial and reputational risks. We use proven crisis management and business continuity protocols to help you achieve confident control of your incident. These range from accurate incident analysis that controls costs to appropriate data breach notification and remediation solutions that preserve consumer trust.

Whatever your incident response challenges, we’ll work with you to:

  • Secure critical evidence to support investigation or litigation needs
  • Defend against internal and external exposure
  • Determine the source, scope and sensitivity of a data loss
  • Identify evidence that is critical to determining your legal and regulatory obligations
  • Retain customers and opportunities
  • Apply processes for future prevention

One choice … total data breach response solution

As the leading provider of end-to-end cyber security, data breach response and incident analysis solutions, we offer expert guidance to improve your outcomes across the board. We’ll help you make informed decisions at every turn to guide you along a smooth path to recovery — one that leaves you standing in the best defensible position, reputation intact, where “business as usual” proceeds without disruption.

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