Global Fraud & Risk Report 10th Annual Edition 2017/18
Kroll CEO David Fontaine

CEO Message

Forty-five years ago, Kroll pioneered the business investigation industry.

Since that time, Kroll has acquired a unique perspective on risk—encountering a variety of situations ranging from threats that persist for decades to new and emerging dangers that can quietly sabotage organizations and/or strike with alarming speed and without warning. Over this entire time period, there is one constant: Risk, in its many forms, is an ever-present threat to the people, assets, and reputation of an enterprise.

This 10th edition of the Kroll Global Fraud & Risk Report continues our long-standing commitment to sharing the knowledge and insight that is unique to Kroll and its time-tested expertise. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the adoption of best practices as well as the development of pragmatic solutions to these complex risks, all within a framework informed by regional and global realities.

I invite you to read how organizations around the world and across business sectors are navigating the current risk landscape. I believe you will also find the additional commentary from several of our Kroll practitioners who work on the front lines—delivering investigative, compliance, cyber, breach notification, and security solutions—to be particularly instructive and useful.

One of the Report’s findings with the greatest implication for organizations is that many risks can no longer be neatly categorized and labelled as fraud-, cyber-, or security-related. Instead, due to the convergence of a global economy, growing digital connections, and ever-constant human behavioral factors, organizations must adopt a holistic approach to enterprise risk management and develop integrated risk mitigation strategies to address this new threat environment.

Kroll has the ability to bring together multidisciplinary teams of experts and to combine these teams with data analytics, language skills, and technology solutions—anywhere, anytime—to assist clients in understanding and navigating this new world of RISK. We stand ready to provide clients with the knowledge and intelligence edge that will help them to anticipate, detect, mitigate, and respond to risk, both today and into the future.

David R. Fontaine
Chief Executive Officer

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Regions & Industries Overview

The map shows the percentage of respondents based in each country or region whose companies experienced fraud, cyber, or security incidents in the last 12 months.

Global Risk Map with markers
Industry Risk Graph 1: Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, United Kingdom
Industry Risk Graph 2: Italy, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, India, Russia, China

The map shows the percentage of participants from each industry group whose companies experienced fraud, cyber, or security incidents in the last 12 months.

Fraud Cyber Security
Global Risk Country Graphs 1
Global Risk Country Graphs 2

Kroll Mission and Values

Who We Are

Kroll is the leading global provider of risk and investigative services.

Our Mission

We help our clients anticipate, detect, mitigate, and respond to risk.

What Makes Us Different

More than forty-five years ago, Kroll pioneered the business investigations industry and, as times have changed, we have too. We are always evolving and tailoring our skills and offerings to meet the demands of the ever-changing risk and threat landscape.

  • We are a global firm. Our experts possess a diverse range of industry and country experience in both mature and emerging markets. We draw on this diversity to bring together multi-disciplinary teams of experts, data, language, and technology – anywhere, anytime. We serve a global clientele of businesses, law firms, government agencies, non-profit institutions, and individuals.
  • We are distinguished by our investigative approach – a relentless pursuit of facts, robust forensic expertise, insightful analysis, and resourcefulness built on our unique experience. This fundamental focus defines us and is in our DNA.
  • We understand that surface-level information alone does not lead to informed and sound decisions. We leverage our expertise, global reach, and technology to provide our clients with an informational advantage. Deeper, more refined, and more contextual information results in better decision-making.
  • Our clients look to us to provide the knowledge and intelligence edge they need to make confident choices.

Our Values

  • We work tirelessly to earn the trust and confidence of our clients
  • We are responsive and take pride in understanding our clients’ needs
  • We look beyond the commonplace to find answers that others do not see
  • We work together across the globe and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of our people
  • We make a difference

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