Expert Witness and Testimony Services

Kroll specialists offer expert witness consulting to our global client base. Our depth of knowledge and experience allow us to provide organizations with end-to-end support through the litigation or arbitration process.

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Our security specialists offer expert witness services across a diverse range of risk management and security-related issues, from assessing insufficient security and negligence to foreseeing future threats, security guard training and operations. Our experts review organization security protocols and align them with industry standards and best practices. We have been retained to support complex arbitration and litigation cases for our clients around the globe and have provided independent evidence in national and international courts, having been engaged by clients directly or under instruction from their lawyers.

The Kroll Security Advantage
  • Our experts draw their experience from corporate security, law enforcement, military and intelligence services. Many hold academic qualifications in risk management and security, and are certified by internationally recognized organizations
  • We have worked with clients across industries from healthcare to retail, manufacturing to property management and warehousing to transportation, financial services and education
  • We understand how to ensure proper handling of evidence and chain-of-custody procedures, so you can be assured that everything is admissible in court. On the numerous occasions we’ve given expert testimony, our analysis has been consistently proven scientifically sound and reliable
  • Whatever the nature of your dispute, we know how to guide and advise you, while remaining neutral toward each case and the parties involved

Expert Witness and Testimony Services – Security

Our experts help to build cases for courts of law around the world by working exclusively with prosecutors, defense attorneys, private council and investigators who require material expertise or proof of concept in court.

Services We Provide
  • Expert testimony at legal proceedings
  • Analysis of documentation including reports, open-source data and statements
  • Drafting of professional witness statements
  • Review and response to opposition witness statements

Kroll in Action 

Conducting a Security Risk Assessment 

Client: Major Manufacturer and Distributor of Fuel and Specialist Chemicals

Client Problem

The client contacted Kroll to assess the security risk posed to their oil refineries in light of evolving geopolitical conditions and an ensuing regime change. We were asked to analyze the oil and gas sector and present the security incidents and threats that could affect the client’s refineries during the period in question.

Kroll Methodology 

  • Kroll deployed onsite personal to assess client operated site and security risk and implications
  • We also identified insurgency groups active in the country and the extent to which the security situation impacted each site and its ability to operate
  • Through the client’s legal team our experts supported the client’s counter claim and provided an expert witness statement


Our experts offered testimony at the English High Court and under cross examination the opposing expert witness accepted our statement. The case was ultimately won by our client with significant reparations made.

Expert Witness and Testimony Services – Law Enforcement

Kroll has served as expert witnesses for individuals seeking civil actions and government entities pursuing criminal complaints against police officials and organizations. We have also assisted law enforcement entities and their members in defending their actions when justified. Our team of experts goes where the evidence takes them and offers their independent analysis of the information and events under review in a matter.

Our team includes seasoned former local, state and federal policing officials with a vast array of experience providing objective and independent expert witness testimony services, including review and assessment of law enforcement issues and incidents including:

  • Training
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Use of Force
  • Independent Incident Investigations
  • Internal Affairs Practices
  • Hiring and Promotion Programs
  • Community Engagement Programs
  • Police Supervision

Kroll in Action 

Conducting a Security Risk Assessment 

Client: Major Chemicals Company 

Client Problem

A publicly listed chemicals company contacted Kroll to provide expert testimony. The client had sunk investment and management capital into an industrial site located inside an economic free zone next to a port city in North Africa. The state failed in providing law enforcement support over a prolonged period and its absence caused serious disorder, criminal damage and loss of production, and resulted in significant financial loss for the organization.

Kroll Methodology 

  • Kroll deployed onsite personal who, over the course of ten weeks, researched and analyzed large quantities of documentation and assessed the political and security environment
  • Our team further reviewed the opposing expert witness statements and shaped our response
  • Through the client’s legal team, our experts provided an objective, independent and expert opinion statement to counter the prosecution’s witness
  • Two years later we provided expert witness testimony under cross examination at the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague using our independent evidence to support their case
  • The evidence was one of three key parameters within the client’s case


The organization and its legal team were impressed with the quality and thoroughness of our statements.  Our expert testimony and independent evidence was used support the client's case. The evidence was one of three key parameters within the client’s case and ultimately led the opposing side to settle the case for $550 million.

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Connect with us

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Security Risk Management
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Security Risk Management

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