Executive Threat Assessments

Kroll delivers an unrivaled quality of executive threat assessments and has been doing so for over 45 years.

Our approach is simple—we provide accurate, researched and actionable information to articulate an unbiased threat environment for our clients. We paint a clear picture depicting the threat environment faced by each executive based on real and potential threats emanating from professional affiliations, philanthropic endeavors, personal hobbies, political activities, familial connections, publications, known (and reasonably perceivable) threat actors, industry considerations, regulatory/legal issues, state-sponsored entities/actors, etc. 

Kroll is one of the world’s largest and most accomplished private investigative entities. We leverage our investigative prowess, our backgrounds in threat management, law enforcement and executive protection, and applications of preventative security measure to explain the threats posed to our clients so they can make informed decisions about mitigation efforts. We scour publicly available information, conduct in-person interviews, perform site assessments and utilize software applications to bring information to light, identify threat vector vulnerabilities and make recommendations to best safeguard personnel—based on real data—not hypothesis or conjecture.

Throughout this process, and particularly valuable for our clients, Kroll highlights publicly available personal information that can be used to target our clients by nefarious actors. Oftentimes, threat actors will gather information about their targets utilizing publicly available information. We will help identify that information to better inform and establish your protective efforts and disrupt those who may intend harm or embarrassment.

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