Hospitality Advisory Services

Our Hospitality Advisory Services Group provides meaningful results to owners and operators of hospitality real estate and has experience working with major brands and independent boutique hotels.
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Duff & Phelps acquired Kroll in 2018 and unified under the Kroll brand in 2022.

Hotel real estate is the primary focus of the Hospitality Advisory Services team and our services of asset management, operational audits, strategic planning, valuation, and other advisory services are representative of our commitment.

Our team of real estate experts have extensive experience with major hospitality brands and boutique hotels across North America and Europe.

The Hospitality Advisory Services team at Kroll is positioned to take a clear path in providing invaluable services to clients through a qualified yet unbiased approach.

Creating and protecting value through understanding and aligning with the owner’s interests are the core of our practice.

In general terms the core of achieving the owner’s goals are threefold.

Our primary goal is to protect the integrity of the asset so that the investor can maintain and improve the future economic benefits while sustaining the physical structure. Secondly, we monitor the performance of the management company and brand to ensure compliance with respective agreements. Finally and most importantly, we work collaboratively with all parties to develop strategies and execute tactics that maximize the financial performance (EBITDA) through either revenue growth or expense control.

Our primary hospitality advisory services include:

  • Hospitality Valuation 
  • Asset Management and Optimization
  • Operational Audits
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cost Segregation
  • Advisory Services
  • General Consulting

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Data Room/Document Management

Kroll Real Estate Advisory Group supports clients in the preparation of transaction data rooms.

Financing and Debt Advisory

Kroll Real Estate Advisory Group assists clients in securing initial financing or restructuring of their existing debt obligations secured by real estate holdings.

Property Asset Management And Optimization

Our Property Asset Management team concentrate on the reduction of real estate costs, unlocking the value and maximizing the efficiency of real estate holdings. Know more.

Real Estate Investment Advisory

Kroll Real Estate Advisory Group assists clients with commercial real estate investments ranging from a single property to large portfolios with many assets.

Real Estate Transaction Advisory

Kroll Real Estate Advisory Group assists clients through all phases of a real estate transaction, whether they are buying or selling commercial real estate.

Real Estate Valuation

Kroll Real Estate Advisory Group combines accounting, finance and real estate expertise in performing real estate valuation and consulting for an array of purposes.

Kroll Real Estate Solutions at a Glance

Real Estate

As the leading independent provider of risk and financial advisory solutions, Kroll leverages our insights, data and technology to provide Real Estate companies the foresight they need to create value, minimize risks and make confident decisions.

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