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Market-leading claims and noticing agent solutions for the most complex mass tort Chapter 11 cases in history
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Our market-leading team of claims and notice experts and media strategists provide innovative, end-to-end administration services for complex mass tort bankruptcy matters. What sets us apart from our competitors is our customized digital and multimedia legal notice solutions that complement our best-in-class traditional noticing campaigns.

Pioneers in Complex Mass Tort Noticing

We work with our clients to develop tailored notice plans designed to satisfy the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code, while also conserving critical estate resources.

Our mass tort Chapter 11 case experience includes Takata, Purdue Pharma, Mallinckrodt, PG&E, Imerys Talc America, Kaiser Gypsum, Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway, Maxus Energy, Cyprus Mines and Paddock Enterprises, among others.

The Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware lauded Kroll as “creative” and “proactive” for our developed solutions in a mass tort Chapter 11 case and notably, we were the first to implement post-card noticing in the context of a Chapter 11 case as a solution to serve more than 80 million parties with customized notice.


“I want to note a few items in particular and before I do that I do want to mention that Ms. Finegan, who I saw her declaration was filed and the debtors are making a change to it, I just want to mention that we have had the pleasure of working with her and her team now in Purdue and in Mallinckrodt. We really do appreciate not just how diligent and good she is at her job, but how cooperative she is and how she listens to things and is constructive. We really do appreciate that.” – Arik Preis, Akin Gump – counsel to Official Committee of Opioid Claimants


Innovative Media Team and Full Suite of Services

Our in-house media team has experience with over 1,000 successful notice campaigns across all media channels. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ brands while ensuring the highest quality notice placement, response, and interaction.

Through a global footprint and an innovative technology-enabled approach, our nationally recognized notice media team provides a full suite of services no matter the complexity, scale, or time constraints.

Our Services Include

  • Strategy consultation, planning and execution of legal notice programs
  • Digital communication strategy and implementation
  • Mediation and pre-settlement consultation and media strategy planning
  • Target research including demographics and media use preference
  • Media planning and placement
  • Crisis prevention and communications
  • Expert testimony

Restructuring Administration

End-to-end restructuring administration services provided by unrivaled experts and technology.

Notice Media Solutions

Our market-leading team of media strategists provide customized digital and multimedia legal notice solutions for any type of settlement administration.