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Kroll provides a comprehensive suite of services to give litigators the tools they need to prevail across the full lifecycle of a dispute, including pre-trial investigations, exhibit and witness management and post-judgment asset searches.
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High stakes. Intense time pressure. Endless information to digest. Scores of critical, detail-oriented tasks with little margin for error. No aspect of legal practice places greater demands on lawyers than trials.

Kroll’s Trial Consulting team is purpose-built for the demanding environment of the courtroom. With many decades of real-world trial experience, our team has served as both in-court advocates and as expert consultants, supporting global law firm clients in bench trials, jury trials and arbitration hearings.

As a direct result, we have a unique understanding of what it takes to win in court, and we’ve built a comprehensive suite of services to give trial lawyers the tools they need to prevail at every stage of a dispute. Our services range from investigation and preparation in the pre-trial phase, through exhibit and witness management during trial, to asset searches following the securing of a judgment. With Kroll, you are fully supported every step of the way.

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Former Prosecutors
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Former Senior Law Enforcement Agents
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Pre-Trial Services

  • Witness Identification and Location: Kroll’s proprietary and licensed technologies allow our investigators to analyze enormous volumes of data across social media channels, the open web and public records to identify and locate potential witnesses.

  • Expert Witness Vetting and Deposition Preparation: Kroll’s experienced investigators conduct thorough reviews of public records and open-source information for both opposing and retained expert witnesses.

  • Fact Witness Vetting and Background Research: Kroll’s team searches and analyzes public records and open-source information relevant to fact witnesses and conducts targeted background investigations.

  • Arbitrator Intelligence: Kroll’s expert researchers leverage a wide array of open-source information to provide critical intelligence on the party’s chosen arbitrator.

  • Real-time Intelligence and Sentiment Monitoring: Kroll’s state-of-the-art Resolver platform can monitor the public domain for digital chatter pertaining to any specific case. 


  • Pre- and Post-Judgment Asset Searches: Kroll’s flagship global asset tracing and recovery capability is built on nearly 50 years of experience in helping clients understand the type, value and location of assets held throughout the world by opposing parties.
  • Risk/Reward Assessments: Kroll's experts excel in navigating the complexities of damage award calculations, offering nuanced analysis across diverse legal frameworks and potential award ranges. 
  • Market Surveys in Support of Litigation: Kroll's experts have significant expertise in using surveys to answer questions in and outside of litigation for clients, regulators and triers of fact.
  • Venue Attitude Assessments: Kroll’s experts specifically design surveys to give trial lawyers the factual support they need to be successful on change of venue motions.
  • Strategic Case Presentation Development: Kroll leverages the extensive expertise of its team to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen case presentations. 

Trial Services

  • Juror Intelligence: Kroll provides bespoke, timely research on prospective jurors tailored to the specific nuances of each case, empowering trial lawyers to make more informed decisions during voir dire.
  • Expert Witness Services: In courts and international tribunals, Kroll’s experts help businesses, investors and legal advisors determine values and settle critical questions.
  • Advanced Data Management: Kroll employs advanced data analytics to help trial lawyers find and access the exact information they need in a way that is both efficient and effective.
  • Exhibit and Evidence Management: Kroll’s specialists excel in the preparation, management and presentation of trial exhibits, guaranteeing efficient handling of evidence both onsite and remotely.


  • Supporting Courtroom Presentations: Kroll provides comprehensive courtroom support, including crucial “hot-seat” support to ensure compliance with local evidentiary requirements and the rigorous validation of data for demonstrative exhibits.
  • Transcript and Deposition Management: Kroll’s experts help trial teams efficiently and accurately handle deposition and daily court transcripts, ensuring that every piece of testimony and exhibit entered into the record is meticulously tracked and organized.
  • Targeted Intelligence Gathering: Our expert research team collaborates closely with outside counsel before and during the trial, conducting ad hoc research into new or unexpected information, testimony, or evidence presented.

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Expert Services

Independent expert analysis, testimony, advice and investigations for complex disputes and projects.

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

The Kroll Investigations, Diligence and Compliance teams consists of experts in forensic investigations and intelligence, delivering actionable data and insights that help clients worldwide make critical decisions and mitigate risk.

Investigations and Disputes

World-wide expert services and tech-enabled advisory through all stages of diligence, forensic investigation, litigation, disputes and testimony.