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We apply the full range of Kroll’s services to the crypto and blockchain industry, its customers and regulators. We assist businesses and individuals with the need for investigations, asset recovery, regulatory consulting due diligence, insolvency and cyber security. Using our traditional skills, proprietary technology tools and best-in-class assistance from partners, we have a uniquely broad and deep engagement with the crypto ecosphere, both on and off the blockchain.

Kroll’s offering covers a broad range of services, including:

  • Investigations into hacks, thefts and scams to identify bad actors, trace funds and recover what has been stolen and remediate identified vulnerabilities
  • Restructuring and insolvency powers to secure, protect and return value to creditors of, for example, distressed cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms
  • Due diligence and business intelligence solutions to better inform investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, assess the provenance of cryptocurrency wealth and help companies make critical business decisions with confidence
  • Anti-money laundering coverage, providing real-time evaluation of counterparties to blockchain transactions, effectively mitigating financial crime and reputational risk exposure
  • Design and implementation of effective compliance programs, covering onboarding, remediation and monitoring for businesses that deal with both fiat and digital currencies
  • Cyber security assessments to test the resilience of systems, applications and facilities to prepare against and mitigate the risk of an attack



With crypto thefts, hacks and scams, we holistically investigate the technical and non-technical clues, leveraging off tracing where the funds went and identifying responsible parties. This approach provides choices from an enforcement and asset recovery perspective: to follow the funds or to find and sue the person responsible or have them prosecuted. 

We act directly for victims and their legal advisers but also work with liquidators, especially in insolvencies where fraud or misconduct is suspected. We have strong partnerships with leading technology providers in the blockchain space, working together to create new tools to pioneer novel attribution and tracing techniques. Our financial partners can offer funding for recoveries, and help to maximize returns on asset divestment safely and securely.

Kroll’s advantage in crypto tracing and recovery projects lies in our careful analysis of the blockchain, our experience in presenting evidence to courts and the diverse skills of our investigative teams, comprised not only of crypto practitioners but also of open-source specialist investigators, computer forensic experts, intelligence analysts, insolvency practitioners, forensic accountants and former prosecutors.

We are flexible and innovative in our approach and willing to review cases in detail before being formally engaged. For more information, contact us below. Contact Us

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