Decoding Crypto Risks and Portfolio Assessment for a Global Investment Company

Discover how Kroll, armed with discretion and expertise, unveils the secrets of a global investment company’s risk exposure. Navigating the dynamic crypto landscape, our experts conducted covert investigations to extract actionable intelligence.

The Challenge

Decoding Crypto Risks and Portfolio Assessment

In a dynamic crypto market marked by conflicts, our client, a global investment company, sought intelligence regarding their risk exposure. This information needed to be rapid and actionable, as crucial decisions regarding partners, investments and overall market exposure were imminent. The primary requirement was absolute confidentiality, ensuring complete discretion in Kroll’s investigative activities, undisclosed to industry peers or investee companies. This demanded a high level of sensitivity and an ability to leverage a global network to comprehend the cultural and operational dynamics of the investee companies.

Kroll Solution

Decoding Crypto Risks and Portfolio Assessment

The proposition was compelling as combining both discretion and accuracy to the investigative work had to be undertaken. Kroll’s team of data and forensic experts embraced this challenge, deploying their global assets and leveraging extensive investigative experience. They executed investigative activities on the client’s partners with utmost caution, quickly and discreetly identifying potential risks. Kroll introduced a distinctive approach to this case, incorporating their exceptional network of contacts within the crypto industry and beyond, advanced investigative techniques and a profound understanding of the cryptocurrency technology and the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

The Impact

Decoding Crypto Risks and Portfolio Assessment

Kroll analyzed the data and generated a comprehensive report with crucial insights unknown to the client. This report not only enhanced the client’s decision-making capabilities but also provided verified and actionable information, empowering them to drive their financial strategy with complete confidence. By offering full visibility into their exposure across multiple investee companies, Kroll ensured the client’s strategic decisions were well-informed and aligned with their long-term financial goals.

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