Identity Monitoring

Kroll’s unique combination of identity monitoring services can detect more types of identity theft than credit monitoring alone, providing practical help to combat identity theft and fraud.
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When compromised, criminals can take advantage of sensitive data like Social Security Numbers and Medical ID Numbers for months, or even years, before suspicious activity appears in credit reports. Organizations often choose to provide consumers with Kroll's identity monitoring solution to reveal known triggers of identity theft that credit monitoring alone would not expose.

Identity monitoring provides data associated with an individual’s non-credit-based personally identifiable information (PII), and reports information that is not tracked by credit bureaus. This type of monitoring can look for information in public records, or it may be searching for instances of PII found on the Internet, particularly sites known for illegal sales of PII.

Kroll’s identity monitoring services provide web-based monitoring of PII including:

  • Social Security Number/National ID Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Medical ID Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
Identity Monitoring: Offering Individuals Peace of Mind

Kroll’s identity monitoring services instantly notify affected individuals by email of any activity related to their personal information. Individuals then have the opportunity to review the information and take appropriate steps if the information is deemed inaccurate or if it is indicating identity theft or fraud.

Individuals can call our licensed private investigators anytime they have questions about their degree of risk, and we’ll give them actionable steps they can take to protect their reputation and assets. Your customers, employees, or students will be confident that, should indications of identity theft be detected, Kroll’s licensed investigators will work with them to quickly restore their identity to pre-breach status.

Increased Cyber Resilience with a Cyber Risk Retainer

Kroll delivers more than a typical incident response retainer—secure a true cyber risk retainer with elite digital forensics and incident response capabilities and maximum flexibility for proactive and notification services.

Identity Theft and Breach Notification

Services include drafting communications, full-service mailing, alternate notifications.

Identity Theft Restoration

Kroll provides your breach population with direct access to investigative experts for live support and best practice advice, as well as identity restoration should they become victims of identity theft.

Data Breach Notification Letters

Kroll will work with your team to implement a personalized, plain-language notification letter that provides pertinent information and maintains message control.

Pharmaceutical Recall Notifications

Kroll's expertise handling large-scale notifications for highly regulated industries helps you increase efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements.

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring can be a powerful tool to offer in the wake of a data breach. Kroll provides a monitoring alert system that’s backed by the expertise of our licensed investigator team.