Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Kroll’s Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering team draws from decades of private and public-sector experience, across all industries, to deliver actionable findings through in-depth technical analysis of benign and malicious code.

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Our experts translate complex analytical findings into targeted deliverables for executive, legal, and technical stakeholders to provide insight into the nature and scope of any code-related event.


Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Malware Triage and Analysis

Through a tailored application of static and dynamic analysis, Kroll’s cyber experts examine files to enumerate malicious functionality and develop comprehensive tear-down reports. Whether it's standalone analysis or as part of a broader investigation, our team rapidly assesses the underlying nature of a sample to understand the risk to data, systems, and networks.

  • Identify notable attributes such as malware family, Command and Control IP addresses or domains, host and network forensic artifacts, persistence mechanisms, and other indicators of compromise.
  • Apply industry-best techniques ranging from automated sandbox detonation and observation to low-level reverse engineering, disassembly, and decompilation.
  • Provide actionable recommendations to inform investigative next steps.

Source Code Security Review 

Our expertise in exploit development and malware reverse engineering offers a highly trained eye to analyze and test software in fully controlled environments and identify vulnerabilities or flaws that expose software to real-world risk.

  • Identify potential vulnerabilities in codebases to mitigate malicious exploitation
  • Perform static code examination and review
  • Dynamically test code functionality using industry-best methodologies
  • Apply automated fuzz-testing framework

Proactive Tooling Development

To keep up with the near-daily evolution of modern malware, our team supports proactive penetration testing by applying real-world attack methodologies in controlled settings to ensure your security posture is ready for the technical attacks of today and tomorrow.

  • Develop or repurpose malicious toolkits and utilities for heightened proactive testing
  • Customize existing capabilities to avoid detection
  • Support penetration testing exercises with real-world, cutting-edge attack methodologies

Reverse Engineering and Expert Code Review

The complexity of modern software lies at the heart of many intellectual property and trade secrets disputes. In support of expert witness and litigation matters, our team applies reverse engineering principles to determine how code operates and to understand critical factors behind its development.

  • Collect and review open-source information to include pertinent publicly available reporting, documentation, and projects
  • Perform in-depth code analysis in support of legal assessments and arguments
  • Produce detailed deliverables including declarations and supporting technical documentation for Legal and Technical audiences
  • Provide deposition and expert witness testimony as required

Investigative Value
  • Rapid triage to inform investigative next steps
  • Large-scale code teardowns in support of detailed reporting and legal requirements
  • Collaborative partner in identifying the impact of code in a wide variety of scenarios
  • Services tailored to the needs of the customer and objectives of the exercise

Technical Foundation

Highly knowledgeable in every major platform, including:

  • Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, RTOS
  • Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, AWS, Azure
  • x86, x64, ARM, C, Java, Python, Go
  • Develop atomic and behavioral indicators fed directly into Kroll's detection and response service platforms
  • Incorporate up-to-date malware trends and active campaign intelligence across Kroll's global teams

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