Incident Remediation and Recovery Services

Cyber incident remediation and recovery services are part of Kroll’s Complete Response capabilities, expediting system recovery and minimizing business disruption.

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Part of Kroll’s Complete Response capabilities, cyber incident remediation and recovery services help organizations through some of the most disruptive and time-consuming stages of a cyber incident. Services can include device and server reimaging, active directory rebuilding, network segmentation, hardware upgrades or replacements, system hardening and other tasks that require augmented IT capabilities.

Complete Incident Remediation and Recovery

A critical part of responding to an incident is recovery and remediation. You may have regained stability after an initial incident, but how do you recover? Do you have the support to get your systems back up and running?

Kroll’s new incident recovery service, in partnership with PCS, provides unique expertise and unrivaled experience in enabling companies to get their operations back online. These services include the reimaging of devices; Active Directory, Exchange and Hypervisor recovery; incident remediation; patch management; network segmentation and network hardening. 

Cyber Incident Recovery Services


Augmented IT with Expert Guidance from Kroll

This partnership also supports proactive implementation after system assessments or testing engagements where patching, hardening or upgrading is needed. Kroll’s team conducts resilience assessments or penetration testing, and with support from PCS, our seasoned experts guide the implementation of best practices, patch vulnerabilities and plug gaps in your security controls. 

This allows your IT team to scale on demand, under the adept guidance of Kroll experts, who remain your primary point of contact throughout the entire engagement.

Avoid Business Disruptions 

When responding to an attack, minimizing business interruption is key for your employees and stakeholders. Getting operations back up and running is no small feat and often includes an entire task force dedicated to the rebuilding and reimaging of devices, especially in the event of corrupted or permanently damaged equipment. Kroll and PCS can provide a quick and agile response, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. 

With the combination of incident response investigators and a team serving as an extension of your IT department, Kroll’s capabilities extend to include on-site support for seamless, instant recovery.

Plug the Gaps 

Kroll’s cyber incident recovery services not only serve in response to an attack, but also provide proactive support to be best prepared for a breach. Our team can provide a wide range of cyber assessments to evaluate your cyber hygiene and subsequently help protect against any apparent vulnerabilities and implement the right controls to protect your organization.

Due to risks associated with varying attack methods and a rise in cyber threat activity, insurance carriers continue to increase their requirements for cyber insurance coverage. Kroll’s cyber incident recovery services are often covered by insurance, and by taking steps to ensure your vulnerabilities are managed, you can increase opportunities for coverage. 

Unrivaled Expertise

Kroll is equipped to deliver end-to-end cyber risk solutions, including cyber incident remediation and recovery. With the unique support of Kroll and PCS, you can ensure you’re always covered. Use the links on this page to explore our services further. You can also speak to a Kroll expert today via our 24/7 cyber incident hotlines or our contact page.

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