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Litigation costs can be staggering — both in legal expenditures and related business disruption. Identifying and locating critical evidence and testimony can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Our clients have retained Kroll in business litigation where the very future of the company has been at stake – and we have produced the information that has enabled our client to prevail. These have been cases where our clients have suffered multi-billion dollar frauds, infringement of intellectual property rights, false claims of environmental spoliation, damage to their corporate or personal reputations or persecution from false claims of wrongdoing. Kroll’s expertise in investigation, computer forensics, asset identification, forensic accounting and data breach analysis allows us to get to the heart of a case swiftly and effectively.

Our ability to gather evidence is borderless. We are worldwide firm with resources on the ground on every continent. We have the local cultural and language capabilities to work seamlessly and quickly anywhere evidence may be found. Because many of our day-to-day case managers have had prior careers as prosecutors or in law enforcement, we know the business litigation landscape well and work strategically to support your case. Our team of fact finders, interviewers and investigative strategists, has helped support in-house and outside counsel with critical research, enabling them to reach favorable outcomes.

Upon being retained, Kroll will confer with you on strategy and immediately deploy resources as required by the case, anywhere in the world. This litigation support methodology typically entails identifying key objectives, obtaining pertinent facts, and locating and interviewing crucial fact sources and witnesses.

Kroll’s litigation support team will:

  • Investigate impeachment information on adversary witnesses
  • Conduct defensive research on possible attacks on our client’s assets and witnesses
  • Illuminate relevant issues in financial records
  • Detect and preserve evidence in electronic media, including evidence sought to be destroyed
  • Research and identify evidence stored in common and obscure information databases, including social media sites, blogs and the “hidden” Internet, and use Kroll’s proprietary and proven strategy to trace assets around the world
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