Zain Saeed




Zain Saeed is a director in the Morristown, New Jersey, office and part of the Expert Services. He has more than ten years of experience assisting clients in business valuation and economic and financial analyses particularly within the financial services industry.

Zain is a member of the firm’s Commercial Disputes and Bankruptcy Litigation sub-practice and focuses primarily on disputes related to valuation, solvency and economic damages. Zain provides consulting advice to attorneys (e.g. case strategy, preparation for fact/expert witness deposition/trial testimony and document discovery) and develops theories and analyses that generally fall in the domain of expert reports.

Zain received his M.B.A. in Corporate Finance and Strategy at the Stern School of Business at New York University and his B.A. in Computer Science from Duke University.

Zain has performed analyses in a broad range of industries and engagements, including:

  • Presenting claims into the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy estate associated with loans included by the bank in various RMBS
  • Analyzing the economic losses associated with specific certificate holders of RMBS due to the conduct of various RMBS Trustees
  • Evaluating the solvency for a commodities trading broker dealer as of various dividend dates prior to its filing for bankruptcy
  • Assessing the solvency of a multi-billion dollar commercial real estate financial company as of its leveraged buyout dates prior to its filing for bankruptcy
  • Valuing the commercial real estate portfolio of Lehman Brothers to understand whether there were any colorable claims regarding misstatements made to the public during earnings calls and prior to capital raises as part of the firm’s role as the financial advisor to the Lehman Examiner
  • Analyzing the conduct of a large bank, after its acquisition of a smaller bank from Receivership, to help determine whether the larger bank had assumed contingent liabilities associated with the smaller bank
  • Estimating the fair and reasonable settlement payments that various RMBS trustees should accept based on the mortgage put-back claims in a number of active litigations
  • Testing the solvency of a $2 billion real estate development company at the time of its leverage recapitalization prior to its filing for bankruptcy for fraudulent conveyance claims
  • Evaluating the solvency of a $250 million Magnesium Ingot producing company as of various dates at which it had distributed dividends to its holding company
  • Measuring the harm caused to an acquirer of a portfolio company where the subject company had a history of undisclosed fraudulent conduct
  • Reviewing the exit strategy of a large bank from a $1.8 billion portfolio to test whether the liquidations of these investments were executed in a manner that was consistent with private equity norms
  • Investigating the steps taken by an MVNO provider looking for potential anti-trust claims against the wholesale provider
  • Assessing the fairness of the purchase price of a smaller Mexican bank by a larger Mexican bank

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