Vasileios Perakakis

Vasileios Perakakis is a director in the Portfolio Valuation practice, based in London. Vasileios has extensive experience assisting a wide variety of alternative investment managers (private equity, hedge funds, private debt funds and other industry-specific investment funds worldwide) in the valuation of a range of alternative asset classes, including portfolios of illiquid private debt instruments, common and preferred equity, asset-backed securities, distressed investments, securitizations, contingent claims and other structured products. He has also collaborated with Greek banks on several engagements, including the valuation of non-performing loans and the liquidation of distressed companies.

Vasileios also specializes in the valuation and fairness opinion analyses of complex infrastructure assets in the energy and environment, transport, social infrastructure, telecommunications and fiber infrastructure sectors. He has collaborated with Kroll’s Transfer Pricing experts on a wide range of financial transactions projects, including interest rate benchmarking and credit rating analyses.

Vasileios holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting and finance from Athens University of Economics and Business. He also holds a Master of Science in finance from Warwick Business School. During his studies, he completed a summer school in financial markets at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Vasileios is fluent in Greek and English and has limited working proficiency in French.

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