Michael Watt

Michael Watt is a managing director in the Compliance Risk and Diligence practice, based in the Miami office. Michael leverages substantial experience in the energy, construction, and logistics sectors and has advised the boards, c-suites, counsels and management teams of multinational corporations and investment banks. In addition, he has worked in emerging markets for many years and has developed a strong understanding of local corporate landscapes and wider political contexts.

Since joining Kroll, Michael has held various roles, which have included overseeing the Washington D.C. research team and growing the firm’s presence in Latin America. He also authored investigative due diligence reports uncovering fraud, money laundering, narcotrafficking, forced labor and certain regulatory risks, particularly in high-risk jurisdictions. Today, he oversees due diligence teams and operations throughout the Americas and provides management and investigative consulting experience to Kroll’s clients.

Michael has led numerous complex investigations, third-party due diligence, political risk and market entry research and bespoke advisory assignments in the fields of fraud and financial crime, anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), OFAC and FCPA investigations and organization-wide compliance and regulatory processes. His expertise with enhanced due diligence is diverse. For one assignment, he directed an enhanced review of a European corporation’s Latin American and Caribbean distribution network following the money laundering-related sanctioning of their Central American partner. For another assignment, Michael managed the vetting process of several hundred distributors and commercial agents for an oil and gas major that was rolling out a new anti-corruption program.

Michael’s compliance-related advisory assignments focus on the implementation of compliance programs adhering to local laws and emergent regulations while using the best global practices. He has several years of experience designing and implementing maritime due diligence practices, vessel vetting programs and sanctions risk mitigation strategies for international and national oil companies to address sanctions evasion practices and illicit shipping.

Michael received a BA in international affairs from The George Washington University.

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