Katy Shanahan is managing director with Kroll’s Business Intelligence and Investigations practice, based in the Boston office. Since joining Kroll in June 2006, Katy has worked on, and currently manages, a variety of complex multijurisdictional investigations on behalf of clients in diverse sectors, including large-scale due diligence assignments in support of IPOs and other transactional dealings, asset searches, investigations of employee fraud and misconduct, and theft of intellectual property. Her efforts support her clients’ needs in crisis management, litigation support, and corporate contests. Additionally, she has significant experience in both cyber security and physical and operational security casework.

Prior to joining Kroll, Katy was an Investigator with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). There, Katy helped promote labor union and labor-management transparency through the enforcement of reporting and disclosure requirements for unions and their officials, employers, labor relations consultants, and surety companies.

Professional Experience
  • Due Diligence Investigations
    Katy has managed and provided analysis on hundreds of due diligence assignments, both domestic and international, at Kroll. In one case, she exposed an individual who was operating a Ponzi scheme, whereby he was bilking investors of millions of dollars by factoring payments related to fictitious medical malpractice, discrimination, and personal injury settlements.
  • Asset Searches
    Katy has managed and worked on several domestic and international asset search investigations for Fortune 100 companies, individuals, and judgment creditors. Recently, for a client looking to enforce a $100 million judgment against an individual, Katy led a team of analysts who identified six multimillion-dollar properties held under various LLCs, a watch collection valued more than $1 million, and several aircraft and luxury vehicles.
  • Litigation Support
    Katy has worked on or managed dozens of litigation support assignments. In one matter, she helped manage a fast-paced and constantly evolving international email review — spanning three continents and five countries — to identify inappropriate payments made to government officials. The investigation also uncovered numerous breaches of company policy and performance issues by three employees. Kroll’s findings helped the company identify the perpetrators and satisfy its shareholders that an appropriate and independent remedial effort was undertaken to expose the fraudulent activity.
  • Corporate Investigations/Competitive Intelligence
    Katy has worked on several competitive intelligence matters. In one instance, she worked on behalf of a financial client looking to make an investment in a manufacturing company. Through site visits and interviews with employees and members of the community, as well as an analysis of available public records, Katy and her team were able to determine that the company was, in fact, operating at a loss and, thereby, provided Kroll’s client with the necessary insight to make an informed investment decision.

Education and Certifications
  • B.A., History, College of the Holy Cross

  • “Technology’s impact on integrity and business practices,” Kroll Global Fraud Report, Annual Edition 2015/2016.
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