Wed, Jan 29, 2020

Guide to International Transfer Pricing - Law, Tax Planning and Compliance

Download Kroll annual Guide to International Transfer Pricing for in-depth analysis of both the general issues surrounding transfer pricing and the specific rules and regulations that companies must consider in various key jurisdictions around the world. Now in its ninth edition, the guide includes an easy to use reference of country chapters covering recent relevant transfer pricing developments.

Kroll transfer pricing practitioners, in collaboration with transfer pricing experts from around the world, offer practical guidance enabling the reader to execute a coordinated and informed approach to global policies, transfer pricing implementation and documentation needs. This comprehensive guide provides the various constituents impacted by transfer pricing, including tax directors, legal counsel, accounting and operations personnel, CFOs and outside advisors, with the knowledge and resources needed for effective transfer pricing decision-making. Readers should also walk away with an understanding of the vital importance of maintaining legal compliance with local country laws for every multinational enterprise while reducing tax burdens through effective transfer pricing structures.

The Guide to International Transfer Pricing presents an overview of the fundamental concepts applied in transfer pricing. Country-specific profiles follow so readers can compare and contrast rules and real-world applications over multiple jurisdictions. With a particular focus on practical guidance and implementation, the reader can learn to execute a coordinated and informed approach to global policies and documentation needs. As practitioners in the field, we hear time and again that transfer pricing is the most important international tax issue facing multinational enterprises. Moreover, allegations of improper transfer pricing conduct and abusive tax structures have been raised against multinationals in public forums, leading to concerns at the highest levels of government that the international tax system requires an overhaul.

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