Fri, Aug 6, 2021

A Complimentary Guide to Site Selection in the U.S.

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Complimentary Guide to Site Selection in the U.S.

Site selection is a process of identifying a state, region and local community to locate a new corporate facility. With 50 states, five territories, a federal district and hundreds of diverse metropolitan areas, selecting new locations in the U.S. is best approached as a data-driven process. Equally important steps include planning, researching, modeling and touring. It is critical to begin the site selection process with a solid understanding of why the company needs a new site.

To assist you, the co-founders of the SITE Selector™ Digital Marketplace by Kroll, Greg Burkart and Keith Hopkins, have contributed the chapter, “Site Selection in the United States,” to the expanded 2022 SelectUSA Investor Guide published by the U.S. Department of Commerce as part of the SelectUSA Investment Summit.

Whether you are a U.S. company or a foreign investor, download our chapter to better understand the process to find sites that will help you meet future workforce needs, secure value from business incentives, reduce above-the-line operating costs, enhance cash flow and raise return on investment.

As you consider global growth, we can help address your site selection questions. We welcome a conversation.

SITE Selector™ Digital Marketplace

SITE Selector™ Digital Marketplace is the premier online portal that streamlines the site selection process for economic development offices (EDOs) and growing companies, providing information, tools and a workflow to analyze, refine, select and negotiate for maximum impact and efficiency.

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