Thu, May 11, 2017

Fixed Asset Management and Property Insurance Appraisal: Benefits of Combined Services

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  • Are you confident that your fixed assets are accurately represented in the year-end financial statements?
  • Where do your property reported insurable values come from?
  • While your completing a property insurance appraisal, can you assist in cleaning up our fixed asset records?

If your organization's finance team is asking these questions, this article outlines the benefits of combining these services. While these fixed asset management and property insurance appraisals may not be the most interesting subject, both are crucial for meeting audit requirements, capital budgeting, financial management and informed decision-making in the risk management process.

Valuation Advisory Services

Our valuation experts provide valuation services for financial reporting, tax, investment and risk management purposes.

Fixed Asset Advisory Services

Kroll provides clients the transparency they need by identifying, managing, and valuing their fixed assets.

Insurance Valuation Services

Kroll provides commercial and personal property insurance valuation services (for fixed assets like buildings, plant and machinery) to clients worldwide.

Fixed Asset Management

Kroll has established best practices in fixed asset management that are recognized across our profession.