Tue, Oct 15, 2013

Views on Operational Due Diligence

”Views on Operational due diligence” was published in the Hedgefund Journal on 26 September 2013.

According to Deutsche Bank’s recent Operational Due Diligence Survey, new and changing regulatory requirements will influence operational due diligence (ODD) reviews and 74% of ODD teams surveyed ranked a fund’s compliance and regulatory framework as a top focus area for 2013. So, it is important to understand what investors need to be asking managers and indeed, to understand what the operational risks are of AIFMD and other regulations.

Investors should understand what advice the manager has taken on marketing to EEA investors and the associated risks. Investors too will need to appreciate the different marketing, depositary and transparency requirements applying to each fund and fund manager location combination (subject to each EEA state’s interpretation of the AIFMD Article 61.1 transitional).

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