Mon, Oct 26, 2020

Election-Related Uncertainty - Safeguarding Your Organization

The outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election will have profound impacts on our nation. We’re not in the business of predicting election results, nor the margins by which any one candidate may win or lose. However, with civil unrest, civil disorder and politically targeted violence at the forefront of many people’s minds, we have a comprehensive suite of services all designed to protect you, your people, property and reputation from harm and embarrassment—and the industry-leading experts to deliver powerful services when you need them.

How Kroll Can Help

A peaceful transition of power following a clear and decisive presidential election has historically not been in question. However, dissent, oppositional planning, discord and conflict have all become part of mainstream dialogue in recent months. Kroll specializes in safeguarding our clients through nuanced and complex threat environments. Our global experts in security risk management, threat management, operational security, security master planning and intelligence analysis are ready to help you traverse these unpredictable times.

  • Quickly provide in-person, virtual or on-call outsourced security director(s) to help navigate a litany of global security needs
  • Conduct on-demand threat management if you, your people or your brand are threatened
  • Run in-depth, online and bespoke threat intelligence processes to provide you timely information on which to base your decisions 
  • Provide highly trained and experienced executive protection specialists to directly protect your people and property
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your security-related policies and procedures to ensure you can deter, defend and detect instances of election-related unrest
  • Conduct quick and efficient personnel accountability planning prior to instances of unrest 
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your guard force capabilities to ensure identifiable gaps are filled prior to any unrest 
  • Conduct residential and office security assessments to secure your organization. 
  • Ensure crisis management, emergency response and business continuity processes are properly in place and actionable if needed
  • Liaison directly with federal, state and local law enforcement and other emergency first responders to prepare for and address any instances of civil unrest or criminal targeting 

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Threat Management, Workplace Violence and Active Assailant Advisory

Kroll specializes in the precise and carefully measured application of threat management principles to thwart your organization’s most compelling threat actors while continuously maintaining control of its safety, principles and reputation.