Mon, Jun 3, 2024

Building Cyber Resilience Amid Microsoft Azure Migration

Discover how Kroll offered invaluable insights and expert guidance on IT incidents for one of the world’s largest shipping companies.

The Challenge

Building Cyber Resilience Amid Microsoft Azure Migration

As ransomware threats continued to surge, and with a complex, business-critical cloud migration looming on the horizon, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), a global shipping giant, found itself in search of a robust solution. Their objective was clear: to establish a vigilant monitoring system capable of safeguarding their environment against present and future threats. BSM was determined to build a long-term partnership with an experienced managed detection and response (MDR) provider.

This endeavor was particularly important given BSM's imminent transition to Microsoft Azure, a strategic move aimed at achieving a more centralized IT approach across its primary and smaller offices, many of which were small maritime centers. BSM began its search for an expert to provide technical expertise, an approach to threat detection, and who had a proven record of success. They called Kroll.

Kroll's Solution

Building Cyber Resilience Amid Microsoft Azure Migration

Kroll Responder’s global security operations center (SOC) experts seamlessly operated as a virtual extension of the team, offering invaluable insights and expert guidance whenever IT incidents surfaced.

In our commitment to bolstering BSM's security, Kroll also conducted comprehensive managed vulnerability scanning and CREST-accredited penetration testing. These measures were instrumental in identifying and promptly addressing vulnerabilities across its global infrastructure.

Kroll's approach, which embraced various technologies and fostered deep integration with key partners like Microsoft, played a pivotal role in the successful transition from a legacy security information and event management (SIEM) to cloud-native security monitoring with Microsoft Sentinel. Kroll's experts exhibited exceptional speed and accuracy in identifying threats and collaborating with the IT team to neutralize them. This ranged from pre-empting phishing attempts through collaboration with the secure email gateway (SEG) vendor to halting fully-fledged ransomware attacks before they could unleash havoc.

The Impact

Building Cyber Resilience Amid Microsoft Azure Migration

Through Kroll's advanced security intelligence, our client enhanced threat visibility across its global network of offices, ships and public cloud environments. Kroll's continuous effort to leverage the latest security intelligence enables the detection of both current and emerging threats, complemented by ongoing fine-tuning of the underlying technology within Kroll Responder. This constant refinement serves to minimize false positives, ensuring a more precise threat detection system.

Additionally, Kroll provided the outcomes and actionable mitigation guidance needed to be able to quickly respond to incidents, and significantly reduce the possibility of an attack.

Incident information is shared securely through Kroll's threat management platform. Kroll’s SOC teams thoroughly analyze and investigate every security alert received. If an alert is verified as a legitimate incident, the Kroll threat management platform is used to notify the client, establish the incident's priority level and supply all necessary information to facilitate effective remediation.

Kroll's commitment to service ultimately gave BSM peace of mind. From the monthly service reports to the personal engagement with both technical and managerial teams, this collaboration allows the tripart relationship between BSM, Microsoft and Kroll to work seamlessly and be aligned as the security market and threat landscape continue to evolve.

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