Webinar Replay – 2024 Property Tax Savings Through Co-Sourcing

September 26, 2023 | (Online)
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Today, companies are challenged to maximize profits and minimize expenses through new, innovative ways. Property tax co-sourcing arrangements allow companies to avoid unnecessary compliance-related fees/risks and maximize tax savings through multiple teaming strategies. In this webinar, Kroll’s property tax experts discussed Kroll Tax Service’s property tax co-sourcing abilities.

This was an informative discussion for those considering ways to optimize their current property tax management efforts with both internal and external resources. Contact us for the webinar replay and slides.

Our panelists have discussed the following topics:

  • Kroll’s approach to property tax co-sourcing, including technology, industry, and geographical distinctions
  • Solutions to clients’ tax reporting, value appeal and bill payment challenges
  • Kroll’s co-sourcing enhancements to support audit, due diligence and exemption efforts
  • Advantages of Kroll’s comprehensive online tools for tax planning, tax cycle oversight and management reporting

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