Corporate Corruption Webcast: A Spotlight on... Mexico


October 26, 2022 | (Webinar)

Corporate Corruption Webinar: A Spotlight on Mexico

Amongst recent reports of strong growth in Mexico’s economy – with forecasts of an astronomical 2.3% GDP growth in the next quarter – Mexico’s ability to tackle the types of corruption that plague many fast-growing economies has fallen behind other countries in the region.1

In this webcast, A Spotlight on... Mexico, Kroll Associate Managing Director, Arturo del Castillo and Von Wobeser y Sierra’s Partner and Anti-Corruption Lead Diego Sierra, will examine the corruption landscape in Mexico, with a particular focus on its impact from a business perspective.

The discussion will concentrate on the backdrop to corruption in Mexico, how the Mexican corruption landscape has evolved into its current position, and the stance taken by the Mexican authorities in fighting corruption. The panel will also explore which business areas need to think about ways to mitigate the risk of experiencing corruption-related problems in Mexico and what an appropriate response might look like should an issue arise.

Watch the webcast replay here.


  • Diego Sierra, Partner, Von Wobeser y Sierra 
  • Arturo del Castillo, Associate Managing Director, Kroll

  • Ben Boorer, Associate Managing Director, Kroll

1 Reuters.

Von Wobeser

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