Collateralized Fund Obligations Webinar

September 14, 2022 | (Online)
In this recent webinar our expert from Kroll, Morgan Stanley and Grosvenor Insurance Solutions answers many of the questions new and experienced investors encounter in this asset class.

The recent explosion in the issuance of collateralized fund obligations (CFOs) has created exciting new investment opportunities for investors seeking exposure to private equity. As these vehicles evolve, new investors are seeking to understand these investments. In this webinar, Kroll financial instruments expert Robert Maxim led a roundtable with Seth Perlman from Morgan Stanley and John Morrison from Grosvenor Insurance Solutions. The webinar explored many of the questions we encounter from new and experienced investors in this asset class.

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Key Topics

  • What are collateralized fund obligations (CFOs)?
  • Who are the largest issuers and why are they issuing CFOs?
  • What is driving the growing issuance of these vehicles?
  • Who is investing in CFOs and what are the different investment profiles of various tranches of CFOs?
  • What type of CFO investment is right for me?


  • Robert Maxim, Director, Alternative Asset Advisory, Kroll
  • Seth Perlman, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • John Morrison, Head of Grosvenor Insurance Solutions

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