Wed, Oct 24, 2018

Protecting Cryptocurrency Exchanges Session at Bloomberg's Sooner Than You Think Summit

Kara Coppa, BLAKFX co-founder and chief operating officer, Yo Sub Kwon, chief executive officer of Hosho Group, and Stacy Scott, Managing Director in Kroll's Cyber Risk practice, spoke with Bloomberg's Rob Urban about the challenges of protecting cryptocurrency exchanges at the Bloomberg Sooner Than You Think technology summit in Brooklyn.


Stacy and the other panelists outlined ways to better prevent against the increasing number of cyber attacks to exchanges, including educating users on common security protocols, utilizing key managers to protect and remember digital signatures, implementing strict access controls, and deploying security protocols in coordination with other exchanges to minimize the likelihood stolen funds will make their way into other exchanges.

The video is available on Bloomberg and an article by Febin Jose on AMBCrypto provides some of the panelists insights as well.