Wed, Nov 27, 2019

Daniel Linskey on How AI Helps the DHS Make Borders and Citizens Safer

Daniel Linskey, Managing Director in Kroll’s Security Risk Management practice, Head of the Boston office, and Duff & Phelps Institute Fellow, recently shared his insights on how AI can help the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) make borders and citizens safer in an interview with USA Today's 2019 Homeland Security Special Edition.

“Is the face the same as the picture when it was taken three months ago? Has the haircut changed? And will the security person who is working an eight-hour shift be able to see that change?” Daniel said, in the article. 

He additionally talked about how technology can help augment human inspection at the DHS. Experts at the Office of Biometric Identity Management continue to find ways to expand biometric operations to support ordinary citizens and make international travel safer and faster. 

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