Third Party Cyber Audits and Reviews

Kroll’s cyber audits and reviews ensure third parties handle sensitive data according to regulatory guidelines and industry standards.
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Your data. Their systems. Whose standards?

In today’s complex business landscape, companies frequently share massive amounts of sensitive data with partners, outside vendors, and service providers, all of whom have their own unique IT systems, processes and safeguards. 

Kroll’s Third Party Reviews help ensure our clients’ business partners and referral companies maintain the same high level of security for sensitive data. Our team can verify whether these third parties follow industry standards and regulatory guidelines for handling confidential data. These types of evaluations are crucial in industries that are heavily regulated – such as finance, healthcare, or insurance – where data breaches can cause significant harm. Third Party Reviews are also essential for companies overseeing critical infrastructure.

Third Party Reviews: Objective and Expert Guidance

When reviewing or auditing a third party, Kroll offers an impartial set of eyes and ears to evaluate an outside company’s IT systems, personnel or data security protocols.

With our vast expertise as the world’s leader in end-to-end cyber security services, Kroll’s clients can be assured that we will address their privacy concerns with professionalism and objectivity throughout any third party review.

In many business partnerships, a company willingly puts its reputation in the hands of an outside party. The experts on Kroll’s Third Party Reviews team can deliver the information any business needs to make sound decisions about who they will trust with their most sensitive information.

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Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

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