Cyber Governance and Risk

Manage cyber risk and information security governance issues with Kroll’s defensible cyber security strategy framework.
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Effective information security governance requires sufficient background information to make educated decisions and a practical framework for responding to new challenges. Kroll’s well-rounded leaders offer unique insights and practical support to help clients mitigate cyber risks.

Sound cyber governance involves making multiple decisions to determine how an organization will respond to current and future challenges. Understanding cyber threats from a technology standpoint is certainly key, but security leaders and senior management must also consider a host of financial and operational aspects, including regulatory and reputational concerns. Knowing how to prioritize and where to direct resources is often not a clear-cut choice. 

Kroll’s team of cyber experts – with diverse experience and backgrounds – manage thousands of cyber security engagements worldwide and helped establish the framework for a defensible cyber security strategy in five pillars:


Cyber Security Strategy Five Pillars

Cyber Security Strategy Five Pillars

Kroll Cyber Governance and Risk Advisory Services 

Here are a few selected services available to help your organization with cyber governance issues: 

  • Virtual CISO Advisory
    Companies can augment their information security by working with a Kroll cyber risk expert who can train and develop existing staff; work alongside in-house security leaders; offer advice on strategic objectives to support business-critical technology demands; balance IT administration; and establish communication protocols with the boards of directors, investors and government agencies.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services
    Kroll partners with leading data privacy law firms to offer DPO consultancy services that help clients comply with GDPR and any other applicable data privacy laws and regulations.
  • Board Advisory for Cyber
    Kroll can help board members become actively involved in cyber security and give meaningful direction to the organization in ways that meet wide-ranging regulatory and stakeholder expectations. 
  • Cyber Risk Retainers
    Kroll offers incident response retainers to give clients peace of mind knowing our seasoned investigators are readily available to assist in a crisis. These retainers provide maximum flexibility with an array of proactive and notification services that ensure clients get tangible value.
  • Incident Response Threat Simulations
    Kroll’s Cyber Risk team has led hundreds of cyber tabletop exercises (TTX) for client organizations of various sizes, complexity and industry sectors. Following our seven-step process, a Kroll TTX gives participants a chance to rehearse and develop greater confidence in their roles in a cyber incident response plan.
  • Cyber Security Due Diligence for M&A
    Our experts help client companies make better-informed M&A decisions by examining potential targets to identify any cyber security lapses or potential at-risk areas and quantifying remediation costs to help restructure investments. Utilizing this service allows clients to perform more extensive due diligence and demonstrate data security commitment to stakeholders and regulators.
  • Security Culture as a Service
    With all its cyber risk services, Kroll helps clients foster a culture that encourages employees to internalize a cyber security and data privacy mindset and “own” their role in keeping systems safe. 

Many other cyber risk solutions are available. Use the links on this page to explore them further or speak to a Kroll expert today via our 24x7 cyber incident hotlines or our contact page.

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Cyber Governance and Risk

Manage cyber risk and information security governance issues with Kroll’s defensible cyber security strategy framework.

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Kroll’s data breach notification, call centers and monitoring team brings unique expertise to global incident response to help clients efficiently manage regulatory and reputational needs.