Cyber Risk Assessments

Kroll's cyber risk assessments provide actionable recommendations to help companies improve security by using industry best practices and the best technology available.
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When we’re talking about data breach prevention, what you don’t know can hurt you. Any company with even a minimal online presence faces IT risk every day – whether they’re trying to police internal threats or strengthening their system against external intrusions.

The Dilemma: How do companies balance the need to lock down data with tighter security controls while also ensuring their employees have enough easy access to data that drive the company’s success? Businesses will never really be sure about the security of their information without conducting periodic security assessments.

At Kroll, our cyber risk assessments are informed by years of data breach prevention experience and expertise. Put simply, we help our clients identify potential vulnerabilities and implement sound data breach prevention practices so they can confidently secure their data and make sure it stays secure. Because we are ‘technology agnostic,’ our focus is solely on performing as our clients’ advocate in the complex IT world.

Kroll’s IT Risk Assessment team includes career security professionals with experience in high-stakes investigations as well as individuals skilled in working with sophisticated tools and cutting-edge technology. 

Our experts are Certified Information Systems Auditors, Certified Information Security Managers, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, and Certified Ethical Hackers. They are ex-Interpol and FBI agents, former corporate security directors, cyber investigators, forensic computer scientists and networking professionals – people who can perform the type of in-depth analysis a typical company won’t have the time or resources to conduct on their own.

Security Assessments Accurately Define your Potential for Exposure

Performing security assessments for a global client base spanning across almost every industry and government agency, Kroll’s information security experts use field-tested techniques, industry best practices, and the best commercial and proprietary technologies to: 

  • Identify, monitor, and analyze vulnerabilities in clients’ information security systems
  • Help clients identify the best methods to manage or resolve data security risks
  • Spot potential data privacy and security compliance issues that may have been previously overlooked
  • Prioritize remediation steps when developing an effective data security plan that fully serves both the client’s security and business goals


Information risk assessments: One size does not fit all

The key to successful information risk assessments and data breach prevention for any company is attaining and then maintaining the right security level for their specific needs.  At Kroll, our data breach prevention experts offer comprehensive set of internal and external risk assessments to help clients identify and address any vulnerabilities so they can achieve that level of security. Our assessments include: 

  • Enterprise IT risk assessments and analysis
  • Network security assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Physical security assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Web application testing
  • Wireless security assessments
  • Policy assessment and design

We work closely with our clients’ IT and security staffs to analyze their systems from a top-level perspective, looking for patterns to identify any underlying problems that might be driving the vulnerabilities we’ve discovered. Finally – and most importantly – the Kroll IT Risk Assessment team translates our findings into actionable improvement initiatives and specific, prioritized recommendations. 

Industry Accreditation
CREST has accredited Kroll as a global Penetration Testing provider.


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